assited suicide

I recently read about a woman of 36 who suffocated her father, 67, with a plastic bag. Despite her lawyer arguing his client’s action amounted to assisted suicide of a multiple sclerosis sufferer, the woman was convicted of unlawful killing! Anyone who has experience of caring for an elderly parent, or sick child for that matter, who has either lost mental capacity, is in constant pain, or is wheelchair bound, will understand the anguish both patient and carer is in. Many people believe euthanasia (Greek for ‘good death’) should be made legal in Britain. One day perhaps it will be, but not today! Meanwhile the sick are drugged up to the eyeballs, but what of the individuals who retain mental capacity, who beg a loved one to assist in their suicide? Strangely, society wouldn’t let a beloved domestic pet suffer, yet people must! So much for human rights!? Clearly ‘quality of life’ still doesn’t factor into whether or not a patient must stay or go! The Government continues to put off facing the problem because the ‘distasteful’ subject represents a ‘moral dilemma’. Not everyone can afford the £10,000 for a good death at the Dignitas Clinic in Zürich, Switzerland. Until assisted suicide is made legal, living under a democracy means unnecessary, prolonged suffering is de rigueur! Scotland was offered a referendum on independence, the whole of the UK is being offered an ‘In/Out’ referendum on membership of the European Union. Why can’t we be offered a referendum on assisted suicide?


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