democracy 8

Don’t mistake the right to vote in national elections as an indication you live under a Democracy, a system of rule that is supposed to offer ‘equal opportunity’ for all! With over one and a quarter billion citizens enfranchised, the Republic of India is officially the world’s largest democracy, yet, apart from 200 million or so comfortably off middle classes, the rest of the population live in squalor and have little to no chance of rising above their stations. India contains the largest concentration of people living below the World Bank’s international poverty line of US$1.25 per day, while the ‘five cast system’ ensures continued inequality! Furthermore, if  ‘health & safety’ and ‘food hygiene’ rules were ever to be introduced to the country, Indian production would immediately grind to a halt!

As far as Britain is concerned, it is more of a democracy than India, but that doesn’t say much! In London, surveillance cameras watch our every move as soon as we leave our front doors! Our emails are and text messages are monitored by GCHQ (Government secret listening post in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire).


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