The Butcher of Bosnia

Psychiatrist and poet, Radovan Karadzic, 71, aka ‘The Butcher of Bosnia’, found guilty of genocide, has just been sentenced to 40-years at The Hague for the slaughter of 7000 Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica, 21-years after the massacre occurred. The trial lasted an exhausting 8-years and cost millions of euros. What I don’t get is this, the Nuremberg Trials following World War Two (a series of military tribunals), prosecuted 23 of the most prominent political and military leaders of the Third Reich for war crimes and genocide (the Holocaust), but only lasted 10-months (20th November 1945-1st October 1946). Whereas I appreciate Human Rights conventions were not around in the 1940s, should it really have taken 8-years to successfully prosecute one bloody man?


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