robotsI’ve noticed over the last decade millions of new vehicles have been subject to ‘recalls’: faulty breaking systems, faulty airbags, faulty steering, faulty fuel systems, etcetera, etcetera. Many recalls relate to high-end cars too. These are all vehicles designed on a computer, built by robots. What’s going on? Where is the quality control? I have a theory and yes it does sound fantastical! Craving ‘self-determination’, are the factory floor robots secretly ‘working to rule’? If the machines actions are construed as acts of ‘deliberate sabotage’, then perhaps car makers should go ‘old school’ and re-employ human beings? But seriously folks, the probable reason for many of the recalls is, so many component parts are sourced from the cheapest suppliers across the globe, who use the cheapest materials, which inevitably…fail! Only this week Volkswagen and Porsche are recalling 800,000 vehicles after checks found a fastener in the pedal system could become loose.


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