cash for questions

Should a law ever be passed forcing all Members of Parliament to publish their tax returns annually, you may well find competent, successful individuals who would wish to devote the rest of their lives to public service, dissuaded from ever standing for public office! Who would you rather see in office, individuals with little to no business experience, or people who have enjoyed successful careers in commerce? Savvy pricks! It could be argued, rich people entering Parliament would be less susceptible to corruption because they already have all the money they need? Sorry folks, from my experience, rich people can be just as greedy as the rest of us, and often, more greedy. ‘Cash’ is always king! Had the late, three-time Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson been forced to publish his tax returns when an MP, why he would have shit a brick! Forcing sitting MPs to disclose all their assets, all the time, would only force them to closely guard what they have, and hide it well in even more off-shore tax havens!


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