Nadiya Hussain

I couldn’t have been more delighted when 31-year-old Muslim mother of two Nadiya Hussain won the 2015 The Great British Bake Off cookery competition. An ace contestant and worthy winner! With various TV appearances  and not one, but two cookery book coming out soon, Ms Hussain, has through design or chance, become the poster girl for moderate British Muslims. I now hear the lady has secured a lucrative contract with Harlequin publishers to produce three novels too! I can’t help thinking whether the boat would have been pushed so far out for a white, Christian cookery competition winner? I would not be surprised to learn, that just one drop of Ms Hussain’s  moderate Muslim blood will provide a cure for all known illnesses, but not until the lady has completed in 17 events in the 2016 Olympic Games and visits the International Space Station in order to hand astronauts muffins. I genuinely wish Nadiya Hussain only the very best, and hope she doesn’t suffer media over-exposure. However, since the lady dresses as a modern Muslim women, over-exposure is unlikely to occur!


Just heard Nadiya Hussain has been invited to make the official birthday cake for the Queen’s 90th birthday. Way to go Nadiya!


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