couch potato

Are you ashamed of being lean and muscular? Are you sick and tired of people staring at you in the street? Are you sick of all those sports injuries that leave you incapacitated for weeks at a time? Are you sick and tired of sticking to a restrictive, fat-free diet that leaves you moody and depressed? Well hells bells, come over to the dark side and go to where you too can learn to be a fat, lazy, self-indulgent bastard. At, an intensive workout means, changing channels on the TV remote, digging into a litre pot of full-fat ice-cream, and raising a single butt cheek off of the couch in order to fart! Now I think you will agree, that’s intensive!! Think of all that extra food and beer you can buy by ‘freeing up’ your gym membership fees, and all that extra space you’ll end up with at home, by giving away your exercise machines to losers? At the end of the day, the real beachbody challenge, is giving it up!


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