Religion and Politics

Breaking news! The following is a statement just released by British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn on behalf of himself, ex-mayor Ken Livingstone and the rest of the rabidly racist Labour Party members!

“The truth is, we hate all Jews, all Muslims, Hindus and Christians, and happily shit on those following the Shinto religion! We of the Far-Left do however have a fondness for extraterrestrial cock together with alien orifices! It is important to note, we of the British Labour Party make no distinction between anti-Jewish sentiment and anti-Zionism, and mainly because it is too much of a bother to make such a distinction!”

Folks, the truth is, anti-Semitism has been around for two-thousand-years, and will no doubt be around in another two-thousand years! World Jewry paid the price of losing their kingdoms, (Northern kingdom of Israel and Southern kingdom of Judah) remaining wandering tribes with no State to back them when things turned to shit in the diaspora! Having helped financed the costly Norman Conquests campaign, Jews came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066 and remained until they were expelled by Edward 1st in 1290 after an edict expelling all Jews was issued by the Crown. No doubt this was in a response to demands for repayment of loans made to the State. So sometimes, anti-Semitism is State sponsored. It was only in 1657 that Jews were wooed back by Oliver Cromwell, who probably needed to re-finance Parliament coffers after the costly English Civil War, 1642-1651! And let’s not forget it was Nathan Mayer Rothschild who used his financial muscle to back the British Government after Napoleon broke out of prison and reformed his army (1813-1815), after Baring’s Bank refused to extend the Government a line a credit for a second time. Rothschild’s huge gamble cemented the establishment of a permanent Jewish community in Britain, however, this did not stop anti-Semitism continuing to bubble away in society. After all, it wasn’t that long ago (1930s??) boarding houses were allowed to advertise; ‘No blacks, no Jews, no dogs, no Irish.”  And then there are the Catholics who will never forgive Jews for conspiring with the Romans to crucify Jesus…the JEW! Of course it wasn’t the Jews who persecuted and slaughtered thousands of Christian Cathars, but Catholic soldiers, on behalf of Pope Eugene 111 and Pope ‘not so’ Innocent 111!

Finally, speaking as a lapsed Jew, whatever you think or don’t think of Jews in general, it certainly doesn’t aid good public relations when Jewish individuals in the world of business commit massive frauds! Bernie Madoff ran the largest private Ponzi scheme in history, cheating tens of thousands of people out of their life savings to the tune of $64.8 billion! What about the collapse of Lehman Brothers Investment Bank that went bankrupt in 2008 following years of fraudulent practices involving ‘sub-prime’ mortgage lending? Oh it wasn’t by any means the only greedy bank that gorged itself on selling worthless shit, but unfortunately the bank was founded by and run by Jews. As far as The State of Israel, the West Bank and Zionist Israeli settlers are concerned…sorry folks, I don’t pretend to understand Israeli politics!




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