The publication of the long-awaited Chilcot Enquiry into the invasion of Iraq in 2003, is now expected to be published on July 6th 2016. The 2 million word report is now 2.6 million words in length. Well I suppose there are many contributors to thank for their inputs?

So far it has taken over 5-years to compile, which strangely enough, is longer than it took to fight World War two! We British simply love public enquiries. Perhaps they’ll be an enquiry into why it took so long to complete this particular enquiry? At four times as long as ‘War and Peace’, let’s hope the Chilcot Report is a real potboiler! I suspect the heroes and heroines of the Iraq War will be vastly outnumbered by unscrupulous politicians and blood thirsty warriors! In any event, I’m going to wait until the ‘picture book’ edition hits the shelves. Mind you, at 2.6 million words I suspect the shelf will give way!

The compiler of the report has been very clever. If you don’t want anyone to read a report, don’t do the obvious and redact it down to 100 words, make the report so long, no one individual will ever read the whole thing!


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