equal rights

And that’s mainly down to sexism! British Home Secretary, Teresa May states, one of the reasons she is against ‘Brexit’, is because she fears for women’s rights in the UK, equality in the workplace being the very thing the EU has a long history of championing. Ever since Emmeline Pankhurst and friends of the British Suffragette Movement fought for the right to vote for women, various international women’s movements have struggled to gain equal rights under the law. Currently, British women enjoy many rights, but not necessarily equal rights with men. Only this week, I read about temp/receptionist Nicola Thorp who was sent home by accountancy giant PwC for wearing flat shoes instead of the required high heels! This dress code is only enforced because men like to see a well-defined female calf in order to feel good about themselves. After a great deal of adverse publicity, PwC has since changed its mind! As far as Teresa May’s comment is concerned, relating to European Commissioners and MEPs fighting for equal rights in the workplace for everyone, I would like to know whether this ‘equality’ is extended to the tens of thousands of men, women and children who are trafficked across the EU and forced into slavery and the sex industry, thanks to open borders and the ease of travel across the EU? So while you and I are travelling to work or play by train or car, wondering whether to upgrade to the latest iPhone, behind a door perhaps just a few yards away, are women and children being dehumanized because their human rights have been denied them! And what’s going through their minds? Perhaps it is…‘life is shit, and definitely not worth living’.


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