carry on regardless

Quintessentially English bawdy comedies, the Carry On series of movies are to make a regrettable comeback! ‘Carry On Doctors’ and ‘Carry On Campus’ are set to be released 25-years after the last, and unsuccessful movie ‘Carry On Columbus’. The early Carry On movies of the late 1950s and 1960s were far better than those made in the 197os. British audiences are now far more sophisticated than they once were. Farting jokes and sexual innuendos no longer carry the fascination they once did! How the hell will the writers get over the immense hurdle of accusations of sexism in our politically correct society? Any new screenplay will have to be bloody well written to stand any chance of commercial success/critical acclaim. Some things are best left in the past! Besides, without actors Sid James, Kenneth Williams and Kenneth Connor, really, what is the point of filming another Carry On?


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