A man has received the first penis transplant in Boston, USA, after having his own cancerous one removed. It is hoped the penis, from a deceased donor will eventually be fully functioning. This reminds me of an old black and white horror movie in which a concert pianist had a hand mangled in a road accident. A replacement hand was provided by a deceased donor too, and the pianist’s career was saved. Unfortunately, no one told the recipient the hand came from a mass murderer, who thereafter could not prevent himself from strangling people. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the donor penis too came from a mass murderer? The recipient of this organic extension might not prevent himself from bludgeoning victims to death. Folks, keep your eyes peeled for a newsworthy story concerning…‘death by cock’! Absurd? Is it not a well-known fact, a cock has a mind of its own? Let’s face it folks, one thing society definitely doesn’t need is another rogue cock masquerading as a general purpose utility item!


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