Australian snakes

Over the last 30-years, significant numbers of Brits have upped sticks and emigrated to Australia, and for what they believed, was for a better quality of life for themselves and their children. Really? Australia has some of the deadliest snakes in the world, the deadliest spiders, and let’s not forget, sharks!  Now if you can’t safely walk in your own yard, or safely swim in the sea, why move there? I may one day wish to visit Australia, but put down roots, never!



  1. a c t u a l l y !!!!! I lived in Sydney, rural, that is countryside — and in the bush, well sort of, on 5 acres, and never saw a single snake in the 17 years, well except in the Toronga Zoo, the only thing to fear is the sodding heat, relentless and unforgiving. I chose to return to New Zealand for that reason but snakes etc…. he he he very funny…. snakes are far too scared of us to even venture near……. seriously, bar the heart, its a beautiful country to visit…

    • Lila, sorry if I have given offence! I’m sure Australia is indeed a beautiful country! Although I’m a grown man, I’ve always been petrified of creepy crawlies, particularly SNAKES! As a boy a friend dared me to enter London Zoo Snake House. Never again!

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