house of cards

As each side apply even more pressure in order to persuade those eligible to vote on June 23rd, a letter signed by 17 of Britain’s biggest house-builders, including Barratt Homes and the Berkeley Group have strongly suggested, first-time buyers will find it even more difficult to get on the property ladder if the UK votes to leave the European Union. Baloney! Whether Britons vote to stay or leave, those of us…individuals and young couples…are unlikely to ever afford to buy their first home, particularly in the south-east of England. Unless property prices come down by a third, those who aspire to own, will in fact rent for their entire lives! So, whether we’re in the EU or vote to leave, it won’t make a blind bit of difference to owning one’s own home! House-builders have been using cheaper foreign workers for years now, it hasn’t brought the price of a home within reach of first-time buyers!


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