The price members of the LGBT community pays for coming out in a so-called civilized society is to make themselves targets for intolerant, irreligious, angry men and women, who, not being Christians, have never been encouraged to turn the other cheek. Another consequence of Orlando’s mass shooting at the Pulse gay nightclub? Many more Americans might vote for reactionary Donald Trump, yet what could he do to make Americans more safe that Barak Obama cannot? Further gun control? Nope! There are more guns in civilian hands than there are civilians! Restrict American-born Muslims and Muslim refugees to America from buying weapons? Nope! Of the 6.67 million, civilized, multi-cultural Muslims living in the USA, most don’t own  guns, and wouldn’t want to ever own one. The irreligious, homophobic Orlando killer was reported to be an Afghan refugee, so it would appear, the mass killing might be considered a direct consequence of America invading Afghanistan, of course, with the best intentions! If you cannot insulate civilians from the consequences of foreign wars that tend to creep back home, don’t invade!


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