entrepreneurOh really? I take issue with that particular claim! Now in order to supplement my meagre income, I placed a small advertisement in my local newspaper: “Ninja-trained, self-employed assassin looking for short-term ‘contract’ work. Will supply own equipment!” Frankly I was taken aback with the number of enquiries I received. Husbands wishing to do in their wives, 43. Wives wishing to knock-off their husbands, 56. Business partners wishing to ‘dissolve’ partnerships without going through the courts, 29. Christ, has no one got the milk of human kindness running through the veins anymore? Unfortunately my career path was rudely interrupted by a knock at the door. Huh, and they say you can never find a policeman when you need one? “Honestly, I was ‘joking’ officer!” The truth was, Joe King lived at number 29! Huh, fooled ’em once again!!


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