cumberland sausage

The life of a sex God is not all it’s cracked up to be! Being hung like a donkey definitely has its downside! My girlfriend Sadie simply can’t get enough of my English mutton dagger. Suffering from ODS (obsessive dick syndrome), she noshes my manhood morning, noon and night. Jeez, it’s just as well I’m self-employed! Anyway, after Sadie read about the British couple who spent £70,000 cloning their dead Boxer at the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, Seoul, South Korea, my girlfriend with the insatiable appetite for all things dong had the bright idea of suggesting I clone my dick from skin cells, just so she could have a spare in case a stray wolf bit off my member! Clone my dick? Just what I need, another direct-debit draining money from my bank account! Frankly, I think its high time Sadie changed her eating habits!


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