Heavy-duty weed me thinks!? While the 580 million human members of the European Union concern themselves with mundane things such as paying rent, putting food on their tables, and not losing their low-paid jobs to economic migrants or to automated robots, the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee is considering plans to give basic labour rights to robots, declaring machines, electronic persons. The machines would be free to own and trade money, claim copyright on creative work and force human owners to pay into a pension in case the machines are damaged. This reminds me of Robin William’s performance as ‘Andrew’ in Bicentennial Man (1999). Of course in the real world, AI is just that, artificial! Robots are, and will remain, inanimate, and not sentient! The EU legal affairs committee would be better off spending their time and our money fighting people trafficking. What of the human rights of sex slaves? The above is another typical example of EU waste brought on by mental masturbation!


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