* ‘Gigolo’…a man who has a continuing sexual relationship with and receives financial support from an older woman.

I’ve lost count of the number of female British celebrities who end up marrying much younger, foreign gigolos, some of whom barely speak English. The marriage invariably breaks up after a maximum of two years, whereupon the celeb choses to shell out an effing fortune to their ex-husbands, rather than suffer the indignity of going to court, ex-husbands who then return to their native countries, flush! Sorry, if a bloke can’t prove financial loss by giving up a career to marry a celeb, then he shouldn’t be entitled to a single penny! Let’s preserve our fragile, female celebs by kicking out Euro trash, thereby protecting our British lady gardens from this foreign invasion! Of course, you could argue, it’s none of my damn business, and you would be right!!


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