rotten veg

Over the teeth, past the gums, look out stomach, here it comes! Folks, when it comes to food, we Brits don’t actually know what we put in our stomachs! In recent years a lot has been said and done regarding ‘sell-by-dates’, ‘use-by-dates’, preservatives and fat contents, yet a lot of ‘fresh’ fruit and vegetables have slipped through these guidances. When I was a kid, a bowl of green apples would last for weeks, and when bitten into, taste juicy and fresh. These days, supermarkets may sell apples up to 18-months-old thanks to a rich nitrogen atmosphere in which apples are stored. ‘Fresh’ fish can be up to 2-years old, bread, 12-months, potatoes, 12-months, bananas, 1-month, salad, fruit and veg, 3-weeks and milk, 3-weeks. This must explain why we have only 2-3 days in which to eat this stuff once it reaches supermarket shelves, despite the fact we are paying premium prices! Is it any wonder we Brits throw away more food than any other country? I very much doubt the population of any other European country would stand for old food sold as fresh food, or fruit and veg that is grown in water rather than soil, such as tasteless tomatoes and strawberries! Perhaps the answer is to buy frozen fruit and veg?


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