naked attraction

Channel 4 (UK) has just launched its new series, ‘Naked Attraction’. In it, adults find a date by choosing from four completely naked men and women by assessing individual’s physical ‘attributes’. Nothing is hidden! Well, as a ‘lay’ sociologist I simply had to watch the first episode. It goes without saying, I won’t be watching the show again! Oh how banal!  It really does go to show how far contestants will go in order to get on television! After all, if all one was after was a date, one can easily get one of those on the internet!  Channel 4 is a public-service TV channel, controlled by the Department for ‘Culture’, Media and Sport. Recently the Government put the channel up for sale. Presumably higher ratings will attract a higher price? Other than the obvious gripe about mediocrity, this type of titillating television highlights the extremes in society. We in the Christian dominated West can’t help but take all our clothes off, while Islam goes to great lengths to cover women up from head to foot! No doubt series two of Naked Attraction will have naked men and women judged on the quality of their on-air farts, or perhaps some production assistant will urge naked competitors to…shit in a bucket!


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