An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a hypodermic needle in your ass may kill you! Oh dear me, 2,000 nursing associates being introduced into British hospitals will be able to administer controlled medicines and carry out invasive procedures without the direct supervision of a qualified nurse during their 2-year apprenticeships! In this life you get what you pay for, and this cheap alternative to registered nurses doesn’t appeal to me one little bit. So if you happen to find yourself in hospital, and happen to notice an unsupervised, trainee nursing associate approach you holding a hypodermic needle whilst wearing a surgical mask, ruin like hell and hope your own immune system will ward off infection! It really does gall me when the British Government sends abroad nearly £13 billion annually in foreign aid, much of which is ‘misappropriated’, when the once revered National Health Service is permanently short of qualified nurses. And the point of introducing unsupervised nursing associates into NHS hospitals? Saving £3,000-£5,000 per head, the difference between the wages of a nursing associate and a fully registered nurse! I wonder how many patients will end up dying from cerebral brain aneurysms? Hey, would you permit an unqualified, unsupervised, trainee veterinarian to treat your beloved dog?

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