I just had a conversation with my mother that really hurt us both! Recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I explained that I couldn’t look after her and a sick dog. Our beloved Cavalier ‘Bunnee’ just had her first minor fit. Anti-epilepsy drugs and consult fees would cost £2,000 a year, money I simply don’t have. Furthermore, the side-effects of the medication can be awful. Bunnee would be a completely different dog when medicated. Rather than cope badly, I said I would rather place my mother in a home and have Bunnee put to sleep! Life isn’t like a movie script. You can’t keep re-writing dialogue until you get the lines right! When we took Bunnee at three and a half (now 8), we agreed if we gave her say three good years, rather than leave her caged up at the breeder’s, well, it would be a blessing. At the moment I’m going to do nothing. Bunnee is fine, but my relationship with my mother has temporarily soured!