*Propaganda: Information of a biased or misleading nature used to promote or publicize a particular cause or point of view. Simply put, to con or befuddle the public.

Now look here, why are so many noses out of joint at the revelations of fake news? Fake news/ propaganda has been used for hundreds of years! Instead of dropping leaflets on the gullible public, lies and stretched truths are now disseminated digitally. Honestly, what’s all the fuss about?




…for at least four years, so why not get behind the man, and support him? Whatever ‘perceived’ mistakes the President makes, they’re not going to damage the United States, which is strong enough to survive intact! Almost certainly having learned from his predecessors (Bush), President Trump is most unlikely to invade another country. And in four years time, a more ‘traditional’ candidate will be elected. You never know, Mr Trump may do some good, like returning jobs to American people by forcing US industry to manufacture in the US?