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Seal of the United States Federal Aviation Administration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From 2015 you may hear of a significant increase in the number of reported unidentified flying orifices, particularly from people off their faces and out of their skulls, for Amazon expects to experiment with delivering products via unmanned drones. Gravity defying robots could be able to deliver packages of up to 5 pounds in weight in less than half an hour up to a distance of 10 miles. I can envisage ‘Prime Air’ running into difficulty. There exists technology that can take over control of any unmanned drone, military or civilian, plus the US Federal Aviation Authority have yet to pass Prime Air fit for purpose, but if the plan does take off…how effing brilliant, but not however for delivery drivers facing redundancy.


Fast delivery post package for adv or others purpose use stock photographyUpdated: 1o/12/13.

Germany’s express delivery company, Deutsche Post (DHL), is testing a drone that could be used to deliver urgently needed goods such as medicine to remote locations in the future. The yellow remote-controlled helicopter could be used to deliver packages to its customers in the future, replacing postmen and cutting the delivery times of its goods. If the plan does take off…how effing brilliant, but not however for delivery drivers facing redundancy.

The German firm’s small quadcopter…called the ‘Paketkopter’…flew a package of medicine from a pharmacy in the city of Bonn to the company’s headquarters on the other side of the Rhine river. Flying at a constant 50 metres, the aircraft can carry approximately six-and-a-half pounds (three kilograms). Two men controlled the vehicle using a remote control, but the company said technology is available to send the drones to a specified location using GPS alone.

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Updated: 10/02/14.

Dubai is to start using miniature, four-rotor drones to deliver driving licences and other official documents. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) revealed plans to use miniature unmanned aircraft as part of programme to improve government services. The system will apparently use fingerprint and retina identification to protect the cargo from unauthorised recipients. Let’s hope terrorists don’t hijack the drones and fly the into buildings!







Foie Gras Hurts

Foie Gras Hurts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Certain culinary delicacies should in my opinion face a world-wide ban due to the physical & psychological damage inflicted on the animal. Unfortunately, if delicacies were banned, then product would merely be supplied in secret, for there are enough conscience-free individuals who will always demand banned gastronomy; Ortolan Songbird (illegal, but still enjoyed in France), Civet (Kopi Luwak) coffee, shark’s fin soup, foie gras (fat liver), frogs legs, and in my humble opinion, veal too!

Amazon has bowed to pressure from animal welfare campaigners and decided to stop selling 100 foie gras products on its British website. This ‘torture in a tin’ product, which comes from ducks and geese pinned to cage floors and force-fed corn meal pellets to make their livers balloon to ten times their natural size, has been added to a list of prohibited items. Production of foie gras is illegal in the UK as it would break existing animal welfare law, however it is not against the law to sell imported products. I don’t believe you can call yourself civilized if you are capable of eating an animal or part of an animal once you become aware of the suffering it endured!



HMV (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

HMV had to contend with illegal downloading, competition from large supermarkets and on-line sites like Amazon etc. However HMV committed the Cardinal sin of competing against itself! When it offered a DVD/CD on-line at 25% off the RRP + free delivery, who on earth would walk into an HMV store with the intention to purchase? Yes, if you’re local to a store you might browse, as did I, but only to make a mental note about what to buy on-line. If your intention is to sell on line below the RRP then don’t have any stores. HMV’s policy was self-destructive.