English: The president of Kazakhstan, Nursulta...

English: The president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev during a visit to the USA, 1997. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Cameron became the first serving prime minister to visit Kazakhstan as he began a visit to the mineral-rich country with hopes of boosting British trade. Allegations of human rights abuses are also on the agenda for discussion. Super Dave will explain to Kazak President Nursultan Nazarbayev that it would be unconscionable for GB to trade with his country until there is some improvement in the treatment of Kazakstanis. No doubt a 10% improvement will be implemented overnight in order to appease the British Press and ultimately the British electorate, paving the way for British-Kazak trade. Of course the groundwork has already been done by Prince Andrew and Emperor Tony Blair.


Under the Lash

Under the Lash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A 15-year-old girl who was sentenced by a MALDIVES court to 100 lashes for premarital sex, has her punishment quashed by the High Court, which rules she was wrongly convicted. The girl was charged after she told police she was raped by her stepfather and had consensual sex with a second man.

Unbelievable! What she nearly got for free I have to pay for when visiting a Soho dungeon!


English: Police issue X26 TASER

English: Police issue X26 TASER (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A12-year-old girl brandishing two knives and threatening to harm herself was Tasered with 50,000 volts by police. That’s nothing, I’ve seen a three-year-old girl brandishing an AK47 machine-gun. As police were about to Taser her, I shouted, “don’t, it’ll just make her more aggressive!” What is it with kids these-days. It must be something in their diet…too much sugar perhaps?