English: First municipal and purpose built bea...

English: First municipal and purpose built beach in the UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Faced with rising land costs, developers are offering buyers of new homes a paltry 495 square feet of living space…hardly room enough to swing a cat! (Not that I would condone such an action). A spokesperson for The Royal Institute of Architects has voiced concerns over one’s mental well-being together with the risk of increased marital problems when sharing such a small space. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I recently inherited two beach huts in Brighton. I’ve rented them out to six families (38) individuals, seven dogs, three cats and an anaconda. I don’t hear a whisper out of them! I know what you’re thinking…its only a matter of time until someone proposes me for The Citizenship of the Year Award. You’re not wrong!



University of Sussex

University of Sussex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of Britain’s top universities could become the first in the country to install three types of toilet for men, women  and transgenders. The ‘gender neutral’ loos have been requested by the student union at the University of Sussex in Brighton, in a bid to make all students feel more welcome. Students Union communications officer Imogen Adie said: ‘It’s an exciting piece of work. We want to break down barriers and  make university a more welcoming place for everyone. We are working towards forming the first university trans-student policy and we need your help.’ Oy vey, another future prime minister in the making! Presumably university toilets for hermaphrodites are only around the corner too! If this ‘accommodation’ catches on, might we in the future see a transgender TARDIS for a new ‘regeneration’ of Doctor Who?

Remaining on ‘campus’, it has been revealed by website, that a quarter of students catch an STD during their first year at uni. The most  promiscuous are Drama students, with an average of 28 partners. Dance students cum a close second, with 25 partners. 89% of students do not usually use a condom during casual sex. 73% of students undertake most of their sexual encounters after drinking. 54% also admitted to being unable  to recall who gave them their STI. 67% of people who have had an STI would rather risk another one than use a  condom. 32% said they found out about their infection  after being contacted by a former sexual partner who had been diagnosed. Nearly 60% of students who caught an STI contracted chlamydia, 18% caught herpes and 14% genital warts. Well it just goes to show how ignorant I am. I thought ‘genital warts’ was one of those new three-year degree courses!