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I’ve said in an earlier post that I don’t believe there is a chance in hell of us being given the opportunity for a straight IN/OUT vote on remaining in or opting out of the European Union. Further evidence of this has just come to light! UK MPs have just overwhelmingly backed a public vote on the subject, to be held in, wait for it…2017! Why not NOW? They say a WEEK in politics is a long time! In 5 years time whichever political party rules Britain, it will have renegotiated the terms of UK membership to the point where we will be told that an in/out vote is no longer necessary. Up against it German, Angela Merkel is now pals with David Cameron again. As is usual, deals are being done in secret that affect the public!


Faith, Fraud & Minimum Wage

Faith, Fraud & Minimum Wage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sick of hearing from British politicians and captains of industry who claim British people aren’t capable of working hard, which is the reason they claim so many eastern Europeans are filling posts here. Why should British people have to work for minimum wage which isn’t even a living wage! You try paying your bills and raising your family on £6:31 an hour for those over 21, and £5:03 for 18-21 year olds! But what of foreign labour…how do they manage it? The answer is, they probably don’t! For example, I wonder how many eastern Europeans pay Council Tax?

Taking into account the real cost of living in London, the minimum wage should be £9:00 an hour, and to avoid paying this, companies use cheap foreign labour! Do you honestly think coffee shop chains…Nero, Starbucks and Costa Coffee would have expanded so if they had to pay employees a living wage?

Why do you think the British Inland Revenue Service has been so lax in collecting Company tax from multi-nationals, allowing them to freely use legal loopholes to avoid paying the Exchequer tens of billions of pounds? It is Government policy to make the UK financially attractive enough to tempt foreign companies to not only move their European headquarters here, but once here, to expand! The only people who pay their taxes, are you and me!


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English: DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN10 – David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party, United Kingdom, speaks during the session ‘Rethinking Government Assistance’ in the Congress Centre of the Annual Meeting 2010 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 29, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘David, my whole life waiting for the right time To tell you how I feel. Know I try to tell you that I need you, Here I am without you, I feel so lost but what can I do? ‘We say goodbye in the pouring rain, And I break down as you walk away, Stay, stay Cause all my life I felt this way, But I could never find the words to say, Stay, FOR F**K SAKE STAY! Love Angela!’

German Chancellor is now buddying up to British PM David Cameron. She now says that it is imperative that the UK stays in the European Union, even if it’s on OUR terms. Previously there was no question of compromise. Ladies & gentlemen, girls & boys, this is all a con! This new GUSH of affection towards Britain is all to do with David Cameron wishing to wriggle out of his PROMISE to give the British people a straight ‘in/out’ referendum on the EU. I told you we will never get it, and we never will!  Liar liar pants on fire! Power to the people? Don’t make me laugh!


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English: Margaret Thatcher, former UK PM. Français : Margaret Thatcher 日本語: 「鉄の女」サッチャー英首相 Nederlands: Margaret Thatcher Svenska: Margaret Thatcher som oppositionsledare 1975 Русский: Маргарет Тэтчер, бывшая премьер-министр Великобритании (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What can one say about Baroness Margaret Thatcher that hasn’t already been said? I’ll try!

It is impossible to please everyone whilst clinging to fundamental democratic principles. Do please remember that the electorate kicked Winston Churchill out of office after WW2. Who would have thought it? Were the British people ungrateful, who knows?

Margaret Thatcher came to power at a time of industrial decline, high unemployment and inherited the Irish problem. It was inevitable she would face great sexism from many of her political colleagues and great cowardice from some of the same. Did Thatcher put the great back in Britain? She tried, and succeeded to a large extent in foreign relations. Once the Falkland Islanders voted to stay British the lady had the balls to fight for the Islands alone (where coincidentally or not they have recently discovered oil). The MoD didn’t want to get involved in the Falklands and nor did any of our NATO allies. Defying President Ronald Reagan (the USA had good relations with Argentina and the rest of South America,) Thatcher sent an aging armada thousands of miles where our forces faced the deadly French made Exocet missile which was deployed for the first time in anger. Haven’t you heard that phrase: ‘A week in is a long time in politics.’ Well  how times have changed. We now aid the French in Mali. As a break from unsolvable domestic issues that often bear no fruit, it has become traditional for our Prime Ministers to deal with matters further afield. Meddling in Foreign Affairs is seen as a welcome break, but not necessarily for the foreigners. Of course, Winning the Falklands conflict  (not a war because Britain didn’t actually declare war on Argentine) helped Margaret Thatcher become a colossus on the International stage.

On the domestic front Thatcher’s reputation did not remain untarnished, for she was accused of being divisive. It has been said the lady helped destroy the remnants of British manufacturing, by for example allowing in foreign automobile manufacturers with promises of cheap land, seven years free rates and many other favourable tax benefits, and all because we British could no longer mass produce good quality cars and at competitive prices. Before Sunderland became ‘car city’ Margaret Thatcher hobbled the unions using dubious tactics, some of which may have been illegal. Then again, you shouldn’t be denied a job just because you don’t wont to join a union.

Domestically hated by many Thatcher was blamed for dividing the country. RUBBISH! England was divided long before the lady ever came to power, as it is in fact today, (as are most countries, e.g, The USA and France). Here, the divide between the haves & have-nots is larger now than it has ever been, and that’s after fourteen years of Labour! There is no such thing as a population living in harmony. This can only be achieved if everyone were to light a joint. Sure Thatcher was hated for invoking Section 4 of The 1824 Vagrancy Act…SUS LAW (Stop & Search), but this was as a direct result of the outbreak of race riots the length and breadth of the country. St. Paul’s (Bristol), Brixton (London), Toxteth (Liverpool), Handsworth (Birmingham), Chapeltown (Leeds) and many others. Did we not have our own riots in the summer of 2012?

From 1977-1983 I remained out of the country entering and winning numerous Martial Arts contests. It was only when I became too powerful a killing machine that I returned to Old Blighty. Nevertheless, whilst abroad I made a point of staying in touch with the goings on in England. What I read about shocked me. Do please read on, it’s worth it!

Let me draw your attention to the Winter of Discontent, 1978-1979, during which period British Industries lost over twenty-nine million hours to strike action, and that represented loss of Industry profits, directly at the market place, and indirectly from the loss of future contracts.  Who went on strike, why almost everyone! Ford workers, The Coal Industry, lorry drivers, oil tanker drivers, Public Sector employees (NHS staff), grave diggers, waste collectors and ship builders. Is it any wonder that we no longer have much of a ship building industry? A fine state of affairs from a country whose Navy rules the seas for over three hundred years. If you think about it, it’s really quite sickening!

The Unions, whose members votes put so many Labour governments into power were allowed to wield far too much power themselves, effectively holding the entire country to ransom. It is not surprising that successive Labour Governments failed for whatever reasons to curb the Unions. It took a lone Tory woman with tenacity, grit and the heart for a bloody fight to finally curb Union power by fair means or foul, but it had to be done. It’s just a shame our Margaret didn’t back heavy industry.

I was taught that what lay behind a valuable currency was gold reserves and a strong manufacturing base, (of which currently we have neither). For whatever reasons, Thatcher chose to abandon British manufacturing, replacing its revenues with revenues from The Service Industries; Banking, Insurance, Re-insurance, currency trading/commodities, washing other people’s dirty money for a fee. Thatcherism was indicative of the help yourself society. Yes she helped thousands of people onto the property ladder, but not everyone can be successful, and when only the successful are rewarded, well, resentment tends to rear its ugly head. I once met some of the supposed Thatcher’s Children. They were sleeping rough under Victoria Embankment. As I say, we can’t all be doctors, lawyers and whizz kids. Artists and writers often make no money.

Onward and upward! The Service Industry created our casino bankers who have ruined our country. And these bastards who helped destroy out economy were themselves Thatcher’s Children. People such as commodity brokers (dealers in raw materials) learned to hoard product, thus forcing up the price of the finished article. Not five years ago several oil tankers refused to dock and unload due to fluctuations in the price of crude oil. Many tankers anchored off-shore until the price was right before docking, and some tankers even chanced ownership at sea. During wartime were not profiteers hung? Well, are we not currently fighting an economic war?

I never agreed that privatizing nationalised industries such as British Steel, British Telecom, The Railways, parts of the Coal Industry, Water, Gas  and London Buses was a good idea. When hungry shareholders demands annual dividends, prices to the consumer tend to shy-rocket. Okay, some services are now more efficient, but if you can’t afford to use them, then what’s the point? My impression at the time was, the Tories led by Thatcher didn’t want the responsibility for running anything. All they wanted to do was collect taxes and spend it as they saw fit. That isn’t governing a country, that’s copping out!

I might add, nor was decentralisation a good idea. Allowing Local Authorities to raise their own taxes and be accountable only to themselves turned most of them into little dictatorships. We all now suffer their rule. ‘Park here at your peril!

The difference between say, David Cameron and The Iron Lady is that Cameron experienced a life of privilege believing that it was his right to grab power…wherever it was. Thatcher believed that it was a privilege to serve one’s country. In conclusion I would say this of the principled lady; Margaret Thatcher had the heart of a lion whilst many of her Westminster colleagues chose to baa!

On a more personal note, I do so hope that one of Thatcher’s Children, specifically her son remembers to turn on his Sat Nav, otherwise he might miss the funeral!