Cover of "Perfect Day"

Cover of Perfect Day

As a tribute to Reed who died on Sunday, the Vatican’s culture minister, Gianfranco Cardinal Ravasi  tweeted lyrics to Lou Reed’s Perfect Day to his 57,000 followers without realising they refer to drugs. Ravasi tweeted ‘Oh, it’s such a perfect day  I’m glad I spend it with you Oh, such a perfect day You just keep me hanging on  (Lou Reed)’ from his account @CardRavasi. Once the faux pas had been brought to his attention, Cardinal Ravasi re-tweeted, quoting the Bible. He wrote: ‘Be under no illusion: God will not  be fooled. You’re going to reap just what you sow (Galatians 6,7 and Lou Reed in  Perfect Day’.

Cardinal Ravasi…you call yourself a culture minister? Before attempting to appeal to the masses, you should get out more. Don’t act cool unless you arecool! Drugs may be a sin, but so is general ignorance!



HMV (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

HMV had to contend with illegal downloading, competition from large supermarkets and on-line sites like Amazon etc. However HMV committed the Cardinal sin of competing against itself! When it offered a DVD/CD on-line at 25% off the RRP + free delivery, who on earth would walk into an HMV store with the intention to purchase? Yes, if you’re local to a store you might browse, as did I, but only to make a mental note about what to buy on-line. If your intention is to sell on line below the RRP then don’t have any stores. HMV’s policy was self-destructive.