English: Typical transport for the sugar cane ...

English: Typical transport for the sugar cane harvest to the sugar/ethanol processing plant at Sao Paulo state, Brazil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A river of caramel is threatening to engulf the Brazilian town of Santa Adelia, Sao Paulo after a fire at a warehouse on an industrial site melted more than 30,000 tonnes of sugar. While hundreds of people have already been evacuated, others have barricaded their doors with sandbags and earth.

As well as supplying Brazilian towns with sugar, the Agrovia plant exports 1.7million tonnes of the product around the world. Last week, another fire at a warehouse belonging to Copersucar, Brazil’s biggest sugar exporter, at Sao Paulo’s port of Santos, destroyed 180,000 tonnes of sugar.

I am suspicious…two fires in one week? If the price of raw sugarcane goes up, one might be tempted to conclude speculators were responsible for the fires! Cocoa butter has already risen by 30%. If sugar rises too I may well be force to abandon my chocolate diet all together. The thought doesn’t bear thinking about!