English: Green Belt, Felthamhill Rapeseed fiel...

English: Green Belt, Felthamhill Rapeseed field in flower – between Hanworth and Sunbury on the north side of the A316 Country Way. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, I’m not referring to Karate but to England’s Green and Pleasant Land! When I was growing up, if you were caught picking just one blade of grass in a green belt area of natural beauty, you were taken away by the secret police and dismembered! Now the authorities can’t sell off green belt land quickly enough, and to build what? Housing for the swollen population. Between compulsorily purchasing land for new railways and airport expansions, and now new housing, England will cease to be known as a Green and Pleasant Land, so take your photographs now, for the England we all know and love will soon vanish under a cloud of cement dust!


Food Pornography Poster

Food Pornography Poster (Photo credit: exoskeletoncabaret)

According to The Cambridge University research, compulsive users of porn show the same signs of addiction in their brain as those hooked on booze or drugs. Boy, like we needed expensive research to discover that nugget of information!! Not exactly a pioneering study as has been suggested. The brains of young men who are obsessed by online pornography ‘lit up like Christmas trees’ upon being shown erotic images. Yes, well, so would mine, and I’m no boy, nor am I addicted to online porn. My Internet contract only allows me 10GB download a month, though I’m thinking of upgrading.


English: David Cameron's picture on the 10 Dow...

English: David Cameron’s picture on the 10 Downing Street website (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The parents of children taken into care could be made to pay towards the cost of looking after them under plans being considered by Conservative-controlled WORCESTERSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. So where is the ‘caring society’ Prime Minister David Cameron so often speaks of? ‘We’re all in it together,’ he says, when referring to his ‘Big society’. Obviously these are just SOUND BITES! It seems to me, society is being PRIVATISED!

To some of us it appears that the only people the UK government cares about are Third World inhabitants, who we LAVISH aid on, some of those leaders of choosing to LOOT their foreign filled coffers to put a f**king rocket into space, whereas they should be concerned with feeding their people, providing them with sanitation and clean drinking water.

Big society? Over-filling our SMALL country with cheap foreign labour that prevents UK citizens from earning a living wage.

According to a new survey, UK NHS patients are willing to see taxes rise in order for the government to fund their health and social care through the National Health Service. I’m dead against any tax rise to further fund the NHS if it means continuing to provide health care for people who don’t pay National Insurance stamps. If you want to be a member of this ‘mythical’ BIG SOCIETY, then bloody well pay into it!


Cover of "Planes, Trains and Automobiles ...

Cover via Amazon

Well I cannot tell the difference between the present UK prime minister and the former one, which is most disturbing when you consider they are supposed to come from two entirely different political spectrums!

David Cameron said that we have a moral duty to act on Syria even without United Nations mandate because Pres Assad gassed his own people. Didn’t Tony Blair invade Iraq without waiting for a final UN mandate by shoving non-existent weapons of masturbation down the public’s throats?

Britain is technically bankrupt. The armed forces have suffered major financial cutbacks in both personnel and equipment (planes, trains & automobiles). We’ve only got three or four nuclear submarines, and only two of them are presently operational. A third is in dry dock, and the fourth is being rented out as a restaurant specialising in ‘fusion’ cuisine. As from 08:16 this morning, the Ministry of Defence has only enough money for fuel to send our dwindling fleet on a one-way trip. Fleet Admiral Adrian Klinkpot has said, “Only fire missiles when you can see the whites of their eyes!” Presumably this communication was sent out to his captains in order to save money.

Okay, let us assume for a moment that Assad did in fact gas Syrians to death…who supplied the gas, the ordnance, the guidance system and the firing mechanism? I don’t know why Pres Obama and his cabinet colleagues are so hot under the collar about gassing people, after all, not that long ago the office of the US President authorised the deployment of chemical weapons for use in VIETNAM!

Meanwhile both Russia and the US have sent further warships to boost their military capacity in the Mediterannean as expectations grow of an imminent strike on Syria. Here’s a thought, instead of firing cruise missiles into Syria, or at each other, why don’t Russia and the US and its allies decide the matter over a WATER POLO MATCH? The winner stays, the loser goes home!

UPDATED: 02/09/13.

The UK Government ‘Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ (BIS) has admitted granting export licences over a year ago for an unnamed UK chemical company to export to Syria potassium fluoride & sodium fluoride, two chemicals capable of being used to make a nerve agent such as SARIN. Although the export licences were revoked before the agents could be delivered, this does show a WILLINGNESS to sell nerve agents.


English: Ed Miliband, British politician

English: Ed Miliband, British politician (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Labour leader Ed ‘Gromit’ Miliband left his script in a House of Commons toilet. His two-and-a-half pages of typed crib sheets contained planned answers to tough questions about his association with the Unite union. Breaking news! It was no blunder. Miliband left his notes where they would do the most good!

Meanwhile Gromit is under pressure to curb union powers amid growing concerns about their attempts to secure more union-backed MPs in Westminster. First of all, Ed Miliband beat his brother David for the Labour leadership with the help of the union vote, and with their further help, he will no doubt become the next Prime Minister. Miliband will do nothing to curb union powers until after he is elected to power, and even then it is doubtful he will take them on!


The SIS building, seen from Millbank

The SIS building, seen from Millbank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people…that is to say those of us who are not incarcerated in mental asylums…believe Britain is over populated and under policed! Why Manchester is sometimes referred to as ‘Britain’s city of languages’, for there are up to 200 different tongues spoken there. When a small island is overrun by millions more people over a short period (15 years), as I have said before, multiculturalism cannot succeed. Honestly, I must be sick in the head to come up with the following conclusion, but here it is nonetheless!  I believe the UK Government wants blood on the streets. For some reason, it suits their purpose! The powers that be actually look forward to anarchy. Perhaps it will afford them the opportunity to turn Britain into a police state? Fifteen years ago you could speak your mind in public, now you cannot! Fifteen years ago there were hardly any surveillance cameras on street corners, now there is at least one on almost every street corner. I believe the Secret Intelligence Service does a fantastic job in tracking down terrorists, however with so many millions of people pouring in here… is only a matter of time before we in Britain suffer another catastrophic terrorist outrage, and the SIS know it. It is inevitable! When it occurs, well, it will be the Government’s ‘perfect storm’…a grand opportunity to deny us even more of our freedoms, but in our own best interests of course!


Food Pornography Poster

Food Pornography Poster (Photo credit: exoskeletoncabaret)

If you DON’T want you vital organs to be used after you’re DEAD, in the UK you must now officially OPT OUT, but if you WANT to receive online porn, you must now officially OPT IN, otherwise your access will be blocked! And if you do opt in to receive porn, ‘BIG BROTHER’ will no doubt keep a list of all possible ‘degenerates!’ It follows that God forbid a young woman is sexually assaulted within say one mile of your home, you will no doubt be INTERVIEWED by the police as a ‘suspect deviant’, despite the fact that you might not have so much as a parking ticket against your name! Let us not forget, it is not just men who view online porn. If Big Brother extends the practice of ‘opting in’ to other online activities, pretty soon all you will be able to view without opting in, are online recipes! DEMOCRACY is slowly being flushed down the toilet!

Of the 650 sitting MPs in the UK Parliament, I very much doubt the 649 who regularly view online porn will take kindly to having to ‘opt in’. I wondered why they all RUSHED to get FREE tablets. I no longer wonder!


English: Starbucks' headquarters building in S...

English: Starbucks’ headquarters building in Seattle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Simple really! The more money you’ve got, the greater interest offered to you by investment banks. The more money you’ve got, the greater the opportunities to enter legit tax avoidance schemes. As I recall, thirty years ago the rich invested in forests as a way to avoid paying tax. That loophole I believe is now closed.

Why do so many public companies successfully avoid paying UK corporation tax? Google and Starbucks were recently in the news, but there are hundreds more, and mostly they are British companies. The answer? A kind of blackmail. The companies are quick to remind the Treasury/Inland Revenue that they employ hundreds of thousands of people. Veiled threats to either halt expansion or pull out of the UK altogether seems to work. God forbid a self-employed sole trader was to avoid a penny in tax. The full weight of the Inland Revenue Service would come down on him like a ton of bricks!


Labour's logo from 2000 - 2007. Updated versio...

Labour’s logo from 2000 – 2007. Updated version of mid 1980s logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LABOUR are scaremongering again! They claim, that despite the coalition Government’s plan to cap costs to the elderly at £72,000, pensioners requiring residential care could be forced to spend £150,000 of their own money…if they’ve got it…before receiving any government help with care bills. The Labour Party goes even further, suggesting that many people will die before reaching the cap. In any event, a lot of children will lose their inheritances, despite their parents spending a lifetime paying taxes! Absolutely shocking!


The Queens' Building at Queen Mary, University...

The Queens’ Building at Queen Mary, University of London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has hit out at universities who segregate men and women during lectures with from Muslim and other ultra-orthodox scholars…Jews in fact! Nine thousand people have already signed a petition condemning sexual apartheid. Even Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna has chucked his hat into the ring, condemning the practice. Research by Student Rights, a group which aims to prevent extremism at universities, said that over the year to March 2013, 46 events at 21 separate institutions were found to have either explicitly promoted segregation by gender or implied that this would be the case.

Women attending an seminar at Queen Mary University were also forced to walk through a ‘sisters only’ entrance before taking their seats at the event which was held by the university’s Islamic society. The event forced female attendees to write down their questions for Ustadh Abu Abdillah, while male students raised their hands to be addressed by the speaker. Female students at the University of Leicester were forced to sit rows behind  male peers at a similar seminar.

But why are men and women seated separately? What is this religious doctrine all about?  Well my friends…and feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong… ultra-orthodox Muslims and Jews consider women dirty creatures because they regularly menstruate. These backward, primitive men seem to forget, they too emerged from a womb covered in placenta blood! This kind of thinking has no place in the twenty-first century! If certain orthodox thinking wasn’t so cretinous it would be laughable! Blood after all is the stuff of life! Let’s not forget, in some societies, Hinduism for example, women are elevated to the status of Gods!


English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the ...

English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, at his press conference during the 37th G8 summit in Deauville, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

British Prime Minister David Cameron…plus several hundred business people have buggered off to China…specifically Bejjing, for trade talks. Apparently it represents the biggest UK trade delegation to anywhere for several years. Bowing  & scraping etiquette immediately followed  the take-off! Interestingly, Cameron & Co flew Virgin Atlantic, and not British Airways, but why? Possibly because BA is now part of IAG (International Consolidated Airline Group), a partnership with Spanish carrier Iberia, and registered in Madrid!

The delegation has only just landed, and David Cameron announced that the HS2 (High Speed 2), the proposed £50 bullion rail network will be either part or fully funded by the Chinese, and more importantly, it will be operated by them too! In hindsight, it might have been a better idea just to post the keys to the country over to China! I hear on the grapevine the China Construction Bank will soon be allowed to open branches throughout the UK, no doubt in order to keep a beady eye on the money we owe them! Wouldn’t it be funny, instead of eventually dumping the Pound for the Euro, we dumped Sterling for the Renminbi? Thereafter all the street signs will be displayed in Chinese, followed by us all goose-stepping down Oxford Street in the West End of London in order to do our Christmas shopping…all goods by the way ‘made in China’.

And what has David Cameron & Company agreed to export to China, technologies, pharmaceuticals? No, £45 million worth of semen and trotters from British pigs. Now that really is getting down and dirty! Despite China being home to half of the world’s pigs, its Communist leaders are apparently keen to improve the quality of its herds. Really, are pigs all Britain has left to offer the world?

Forty years ago ‘Made in Britain’ was exported around the world. Oh how clever the Chinese have been! Armed with a 200 million slave labour force, they managed to conquer the world without firing a single shot! Clearly, slavery still works! Never mind human rights violations, animal abuses too, the refusal to recognise internationally registered patents, state-sponsored hacking, support for North Korea, Iran too, and threats to Taiwan…politicians around the world are really, really keen to suck Chinese cocks! This is what always happens when a Democracy trades with a Totalitarian regime! Strange bedfellows indeed! When you’re poor, some people turn to prostitution, and in doing so, you may be forced to sleep with the devil!

Postscript! Located in Nanjing, eastern China, authorities have built a ‘baby abandonment’ building where parents can anonymously leave their unwanted children. The building…or baby box…will provide a safe place for parents to leave their children – who will then be cared for at a nearby welfare home. The building will be electronically monitored so that when a baby is left an alarm will go off. Oh how charming!!


English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the ...

English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Conservative Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interestingly, if the prime minister dies or becomes incapacitated there is no clear constitutional rule as to who takes over the government. This worries Tory MP Peter Bone, who has produced a Bill that sets out where cabinet ministers are in the pecking order. The backbencher’s Prime Minister (Replacement) Bill is due for second reading on Friday. It seeks to address the “lack of clear succession” should David Cameron be killed or become temporarily incapacitated and is unable to perform his duties.

In the present economic climate, and with our democratic rights being eroded on a regular basis, does it actually matter who takes over from David Cameron should he no longer be fit for purpose? As far as I am concerned, we wouldn’t be any worse off if you were to replace the entire cabinet with monkeys from London Zoo! If you happen to sneak a peek at Prime Minister’s question time on TV, you’ll know what I mean!

Regarding MPs well-documented drinking habits, and according to details released under the Freedom of Information Act, taxpayer-subsidised bars for MPs sold more than 65,000 alcoholic drinks last year. Parliament’s bars and restaurants – subsidised by more than £7 million – served at least 65,770 drinks between last November and this October. The top ten sellers in the Common’s Bar only were: Guest Ale (15,075), Beck’s Vier (9,504), Sauvignon Blanc (9,484), Merlot (7,085), Falernia sauvignon (5,729), Guinness (4,647), Peroni (4,318), House of Commons Merlot (3,494), Pinot gris (3,385), and Chardonnay (3,049).

Conservative MP Mark Reckless (how appropriate a name), a prominent Eurosceptic, apologised months after he was elected in 2010 for being too drunk to vote. That’s another thing…I do wonder how many MPs have been under the influence when voting on serious matters that affect our daily lives? I would rather an MP was too drunk to vote, than voted to change my life while drunk!


A model of the GCHQ headquarters in Cheltenham

A model of the GCHQ headquarters in Cheltenham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As one who has more than a passing interest in the ‘human condition’, I would be interested to know how paedophiles operated prior to the Internet coming into existence? For example, were many of them inactive? Did they wait until they had access to the information superhighway to explore and indulge their innermost, sickest feelings, or did paedophiles merely meet in secret? As we speak, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has tasked GCHQ (secret government listening post) to join the international fight and to seek out anyone, anywhere downloading images of children, images that might not be for personal use, but for image sharing.

Although child molestation in all its forms…including Internet grooming…is illegal in the ‘sophisticated’ Christian West, and quite rightly so, what we find disgusting…the inhumane treatment of minors…other societies consider normal adult behaviour…in parts of Asia, The Middle East and Africa for instance…often our trading partners, places where adult males still swap children for personal use, and in some cases marry minors before they ‘ve reached puberty. Unfortunately not everything is black and white, although in some cases it should be!


English: NHS logo

English: NHS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The wilful neglect of patients is to be made a criminal offence under NHS reforms being introduced in the wake of unnecessary hospital deaths. British Prime Minister David Cameron said health workers who mistreated and abused patients would face “the full force of the law”. The offence will be modelled on laws against the wilful neglect of adults under the Mental Capacity Act, punishable by fines or up to five years in prison. Cameron said, “Never again will we allow substandard care, cruelty or neglect to go unnoticed and unpunished. This is not about a hospital worker who makes a mistake, but specific cases where a patient has been neglected or ill-treated.”

Meanwhile, father-of-three, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, brain tumour patient, Steve Taylor, 40, has had to wear a hard hat to protect his brain since part of his skull was removed in January after three operations to repair his skull were cancelled. The third op was cancelled, again at the last minute because there was no hospital bed available. Mr Taylor’s operation has now been rescheduled for a fourth time and is due to take place on November 25. Let’s hope it goes ahead!

A disgraced NHS heart surgeon John Chen Lui Lu, who caused infections which led to the deaths of five patients has been allowed back to work. Mr Lu who had a habit of constantly changing his gloves in the middle of heart surgery between December 2008 and July 2010 caused 11 out of 28 heart value patients to contract staphylococcus. Dennis Mills, 82, Michael Smithers, 67, Bernard Heald, 83, Alan Daniels, 73 and Albert Rigley, 63, all from Nottinghamshire, died as a result of contracting the epidermidis bacteria.

Lillian Baddeley, 81, died within eight months of contracting four separate superbugs on four separate occasions at a brand new £400 million ‘super-hospital’, the University Hospital of North Staffordshire. The patient allegedly caught E-coli twice, ESBL and Enterobacter.

Almost 1,100 women in the west Midlands are caught up in a breast cancer scandal after their treatment was botched by a surgeon working for the NHS. Many have been forced to undergo additional operations because of failures to remove cancerous tissue. The NHS now faces a multimillion compensation bill while the suspended surgeon at the centre of the scandal is under investigation by the police and the medical authorities. He was found to have used an experimental technique called “cleavage sparing” when carrying out breast removal, which left a small amount of tissue for cosmetic reasons. The procedure breached national guidelines which state that leaving tissue after a mastectomy increases the likelihood of cancer recurring.

While ten medics and nurses were gathered around the anaesthetised patient who was undergoing an undisclosed procedure at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, the patient slid off an operating table and fell onto the floor! As the surgeon tilted the operating table to get better access, apparently nobody had the foresight to stop the patient slipping to the floor. Restraints meant to secure the patient had not been tied and a sheet was covering the gel pads which are designed to help grip the body. Benny Hill’s legacy of ineptitude is everywhere!

According to research done by Professor Sir Brian Jarman of Imperial College London, vast numbers of ‘excess deaths’ at 15 hospital trusts went undetected during the last Labour government. 5o,000 more patients died in NHS hospitals than was expected. Ah, no wonder you can’t get into a cemetery…they’re all full!

*I wonder whether David Cameron will insist on the new criminal offence of ‘wilful neglect of patients’ be applied...retrospectively?


Cameron speaking in 2010.

Cameron speaking in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Families of hundreds of Tamil men and boys seized by the regime descended on the British Prime Minister as he became the first world leader to visit the war-ravaged north of the country since Sri Lanka won independence in 1948. Having travelled to Kannaki refugee camp to meet those whose loved ones are believed to have been killed by the regime at the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war, understandably emotional Camp spokesman Sutharshan Uthayaswriyan, said, ‘We believe in David Cameron’, adding: ‘He is a god coming down to this area. ‘We believe he can make a difference. He is a god and he is sent by God to us.’

Meanwhile, not that long ago…last month in fact, a cache of weapons including a 950,000 volt stun gun was discovered in the car of a taxi driver who said he was on his way to kill Prime Minister David Cameron. Police also found  hammers, kitchen knives, a machete, a Samurai sword and masking tape in Irfaq Naz’s Vauxhall Astra, when he was stopped after going the wrong way down a north London street. Mr Naz was detained under the Mental Health Act and can only be released with the permission of the Home Secretary. Personally, I think the 950,000 volt stun gun was a bit of an overkill, don’t you? Then again, as a living god, David Cameron would probably have laughed it off! I’m patiently waiting for David Cameron to turn water into wine, or the lesser feat, turning around the fortunes of the permanently cash-strapped and under-staffed National Health Service, for next week I must visit a friend at the University College Hospital in central London. I’m concerned as I enter the hospital, someone in scrubs and a surgical mask might, upon seeing this fine figure of a man…an Adonis in fact…may drag me into a cupboard and attempt to remove some of my vital organs! Do you think I’m worrying unnecessarily? Go on, you can tell me!