English: UK traffic sign: Hospital ahead with ...

English: UK traffic sign: Hospital ahead with accident and emergency facilities (TSRGDNO 827.2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the Daily Mail at least 12,000 patients spent 12 or more hours on trolleys in UK casualty units last year (2012). Another 250 waited for a minimum of 24 hours and one was left for an astonishing 71 hours and 34 minutes. I am afraid this is what happens when you close ‘accident and emergency’ at some general hospitals, forcing those of us in urgent need of care to go to the few remaining open units. The Daily Mail also reported the UK is short of over 3000 doctors and 20,000 nurses. Monitor, a hospital watchdog, warned the closure of 50 walk-in centres had piled further pressure on casualty units.

I have blogged several times on the state of Britain’s National Health Service, and I swore to myself I would never do another one, however, I live in fear…fear that my 82-year-old mother might one day in the not to distant future require hospitalization. And then there is me! We all eventually break down. When one is in pain, well, the pain must be managed! I think it’s fair to say most of us take good health for granted, and why not, after all there’s no point stressing about what might happen, but as I get older, in the back of my mind I do wonder how I would cope placed in a similar situation. Impatient as I am, I would probably jump off of a trolley and make my way home untreated!





English: iPads can be a distraction to learning

English: iPads can be a distraction to learning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UK Ministers have been banned from taking iPads into Cabinet meetings to stop them being spied on. Intelligence agencies have demanded that tablet computers be removed from the room before David Cameron and his top team conduct ultra-sensitive talks for fear the devices could be hacked by a foreign power and used as covert listening devices. Senior government figures claim countries including Russia, Iran, Pakistan and CHINA could have developed viruses that would allow iPads and mobile phones to be used as bugs, even when they are switched off.

I would suggest government ministers buy iPads that aren’t manufactured in China, but that would be a tall order, wouldn’t it? Oh well, it’s back to good old-fashioned pen & paper from now on! One of the down sides of living through this new digital age is, everyone seems to be hacking & bugging everyone else. Yes, there’s a great deal of general buggery going on!

News just in! British Prime Minister David Cameron said today he would visit China in early December to meet the new leadership in Beijing on the pretext of forging new business links. The truth is, Dashing Dave is only going there to return a batch of 57 Lenovo iPads.



wm-license-information-description-missing wm-...

wm-license-information-description-missing wm-license-information-description-missing-request European stars.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve said in an earlier post that I don’t believe there is a chance in hell of us being given the opportunity for a straight IN/OUT vote on remaining in or opting out of the European Union. Further evidence of this has just come to light! UK MPs have just overwhelmingly backed a public vote on the subject, to be held in, wait for it…2017! Why not NOW? They say a WEEK in politics is a long time! In 5 years time whichever political party rules Britain, it will have renegotiated the terms of UK membership to the point where we will be told that an in/out vote is no longer necessary. Up against it German, Angela Merkel is now pals with David Cameron again. As is usual, deals are being done in secret that affect the public!


English: The president of Kazakhstan, Nursulta...

English: The president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev during a visit to the USA, 1997. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Cameron became the first serving prime minister to visit Kazakhstan as he began a visit to the mineral-rich country with hopes of boosting British trade. Allegations of human rights abuses are also on the agenda for discussion. Super Dave will explain to Kazak President Nursultan Nazarbayev that it would be unconscionable for GB to trade with his country until there is some improvement in the treatment of Kazakstanis. No doubt a 10% improvement will be implemented overnight in order to appease the British Press and ultimately the British electorate, paving the way for British-Kazak trade. Of course the groundwork has already been done by Prince Andrew and Emperor Tony Blair.


Faith, Fraud & Minimum Wage

Faith, Fraud & Minimum Wage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sick of hearing from British politicians and captains of industry who claim British people aren’t capable of working hard, which is the reason they claim so many eastern Europeans are filling posts here. Why should British people have to work for minimum wage which isn’t even a living wage! You try paying your bills and raising your family on £6:31 an hour for those over 21, and £5:03 for 18-21 year olds! But what of foreign labour…how do they manage it? The answer is, they probably don’t! For example, I wonder how many eastern Europeans pay Council Tax?

Taking into account the real cost of living in London, the minimum wage should be £9:00 an hour, and to avoid paying this, companies use cheap foreign labour! Do you honestly think coffee shop chains…Nero, Starbucks and Costa Coffee would have expanded so if they had to pay employees a living wage?

Why do you think the British Inland Revenue Service has been so lax in collecting Company tax from multi-nationals, allowing them to freely use legal loopholes to avoid paying the Exchequer tens of billions of pounds? It is Government policy to make the UK financially attractive enough to tempt foreign companies to not only move their European headquarters here, but once here, to expand! The only people who pay their taxes, are you and me!


Photograph of Brittania statue, taken 13th Jun...

Photograph of Brittania statue, taken 13th June 2008 on Plymouth Hoe, Plymouth, United Kingdom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m glad to hear UK MPs are ready to fight to the death for people’s rights…particularly their own! Despite an impending 11% wage rise, taking their basic salaries to £74,000 a year, our parliamentarians have launch a bitter battle to hang on to their taxpayer-funded allowances for late-night taxis, hotels, free tea, coffee and evening meals. Err, excuse me, but I was under the impression that the 11%/£7000 annual wage increase was intended to replace these perks, not to be granted in addition to them?

Oh good for them! In the meanwhile, you don’t mind if I starve, do you? No, I’m sure you don’t!


A ticket for the public gallery of the Hutton ...

A ticket for the public gallery of the Hutton Enquiry sic . A large number of members of the public turned up to try to see the proceedings for themselves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stephen Lawrence was tragically murdered in 1993. Following the flawed murder investigation, there was a public inquiry in 1998. (Macpherson Report 1999). Now the deceased’s father Neville is calling for another inquiry into the allegation that there was an attempt to smear members of the Lawrence family.

Really, I’ve lost count of the number of multi-million pound, taxpayer-funded public inquiries; 1998 The Saville Inquiry, 1999 The Lawrence Inquiry, 2001 The Shipman Inquiry, 2003 The Hutton Inquiry, 2005 The E.coli Inquiry, 2009 The Iraq Inquiry, 2011 The Leveson Inquiry. Maybe there should be a public inquiry into why there are so many public inquiries? I’m sure the lawyers would love that!

*Just read that it is alleged police buggered the chief prosecution witness in the original Stephen Lawrence murder case. Sorry, that should read…BUGGED. I do apologise!

*LIBERTY, the leading civil rights group had requested a formal investigation into whether British intelligence services unlawfully accessed its communications. Oh Gawd, another public enquiry waiting to happen!


Chicken with tartar sauce

Chicken with tartar sauce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Politicians and celebrities are constantly subjected to smear campaigns, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before it was my turn! It was f**k buddy Monique’s thirtieth birthday you see, and I made the mistake of asking her how she wished to celebrate it. Well, no sooner had I opened by big fat mouth and I found myself tied naked to the bed while the birthday-suited birthday girl smeared mayonnaise all over me, and it was the full fat stuff too! “David darling,” she said, “you’ve put on a bit of weight and I’ve run out of the mayo. Would you mind if I finish you off with tartar sauce?”


David Cameron

David Cameron (Photo credit: The Prime Minister’s Office)

UK Prime Minister David Cameron backs the removal of the niqab/face veil in schools, courts and hospitals. He says, “We are a free country and people should be free to wear whatever clothes they like in public or in private, but there are circumstances where wearing face coverings are inappropriate. We should support those institutions that need to put in place rules so that those institutions can work properly.” My question is this! Does the proposed ban on the veil in schools, courts and hospitals include or exclude the wearing of Venetian blinds?


Dascha, porn actress

Dascha, porn actress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well I am afraid I can’t disagree strongly enough! In my capacity as an official pervert, if a beautiful woman knocked on my front door wishing to borrow a cup of sugar moments after I’d been watching Internet porn, well, I’d want to tare the ass off of her! The only thing that would stop me, would be that generally speaking, I don’t believe in shitting on my own doorstep, and this comes from someone who suffers from IBS!


European Union

European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is said Britain risks losing out on £10 billion a year in trade deals if the UK withdraws from the European Union. Oh really? Deduct the cost of our annual subs to the EU and DHSS hand-outs to EU economic migrants and I bet we’d be quids in!


Billboard with portrait of Assad and the text ...

Billboard with portrait of Assad and the text God protects Syria on the old city wall of Damascus 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While attending the G20 summit in St Petersburg, David Cameron announced an additional £52 million in UK aid for victims of the civil war in Syria. Actually, it’s no big deal. Cameron has taken the £52 million from the defence budget. The sum represents only a fraction of what the UK would have spent in bashing up Bashar Assad.


English: Bashar al-Assad under pressure

English: Bashar al-Assad under pressure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


DC: ‘Barack…I’ve changed my mind…I’m with you…let’s bomb the f**k out of those Syrian gassers!’

BO: ‘David, what about possible collateral damage?’

DC: ‘What? I’ve said I’ll join you…surely you don’t expect me to put up collateral too? F**k it Barack…you’re on your own again!’

BO: ‘But David, what about our extra-special relationship?’

DC: ‘Barack, it’s been downgraded to that of two consenting adults being treated at the same STD clinic!’

BO: ‘Well f**k you!’

DC: ‘Too late, I said it first!’

The US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee has given Pres Obama 90 days to ‘bash up’ Bashar al-Assad, permitting the US Pres a ‘limited & tailored’ military operation. Well, 90 days is more than enough, because once removed from the armoury, locked, loaded into position beneath jets and dropped into submarine silos, the CRUISE MISSILES only have 47 days of insurance coverage anyway, provided of course they are only used for ‘social, domestic, pleasure and commuting’ purposes.

MEANWHILE…”Former Bashar al-Assad aide gets fleas in Turkey!” Err, so solly…I meant of course, former Bashar al-Assad aide FLEES to Turkey!


Sir Robert Peel, twice Prime Minister of the U...

Sir Robert Peel, twice Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and founder of the Conservative Party. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in order to save PENNIES! The Works & Pensions Secretary Mr Ian Duncan Smith, on behalf of The Conservative Government is now URGING well-off pensioners to give up their free travel passes, free TV licences and winter fuel allowances. Why should they? Pensioners have been paying taxes all their lives! They are entitled to travel for free and to watch television for free. Anyway, what constitutes a well-off pensioner? Is it someone who has a £700,000 home with £20,000 in the bank, or someone who has a £200,000 home with £100,000 in the bank? And we all know what comes after the URGING campaign, don’t we! Are responsible people who have saved all their lives to be penalized?

I expect pensioners will soon be URGED to hand back their false teeth and NHS glasses. I get the feeling that our DEMOCRATICALLY elected Government seriously objects to the elderly living one day past their official retirement.

The present Government certainly knows how to alienate millions of pensioners. Wait until the next general election!


English: David Cameron is a British politician...

English: David Cameron is a British politician, Leader of the Conservative Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shaun Bailey, one of the prime minister David Cameron’s only black advisers, has said Britain is still a “fairly racist country,” in a revealing interview where he admits the Tories “haven’t been brilliant around race.” Bailey said many black people do not vote for Tories because the party was associated with “the establishment.”

Bailey, who was a member of Cameron’s inner circle until he was moved to the Cabinet Office, has alleged that he was squeezed out of his job to make room for an influx of old Etonians earlier this year. Well if that’s true, it surely has nothing to do with race, but a lot to do with the British CLASS system.

First of all, of course Britain is racist, as is Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy and Spain, Austria and Switzerland. Germany can’t afford to be seen as racist any more. What’s the problem? Why is Mr Bailey’s podcast even making headlines? It’s in most people’s DNA to hold racist views and to occasionally express them! We are also sexist and xenophobic, yet we remain to some extent beholden to foreign tourists.

I do so dislike people who state the obvious!


It is very difficult NOT to harbour racist views when:

  • 7 out of the 10 top UK TAX fugitives are foreigner born or have duel nationality.
  • 6 out of the 10 top UK benefit cheats are foreigner born or have duel nationality .
  • 20% of UK prison cells are occupied by foreign murderers, rapists, fraudsters, most of whom cannot be deported.
  • Most of the illegal ‘sham’ marriages in the UK are organised by foreigners.
  • Most of the cases involving enslaving ‘young’ British girls to sex & drug addiction in the North of England are said to be orchestrated by Pakistani men with duel nationality. (Prove me wrong).
  • Tens of thousands of foreign drivers in the UK have no car insurance.

As I say, the rape of Mother England continues unabated!