English: Ed Miliband, British politician

English: Ed Miliband, British politician (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Labour leader Ed ‘Gromit’ Miliband left his script in a House of Commons toilet. His two-and-a-half pages of typed crib sheets contained planned answers to tough questions about his association with the Unite union. Breaking news! It was no blunder. Miliband left his notes where they would do the most good!

Meanwhile Gromit is under pressure to curb union powers amid growing concerns about their attempts to secure more union-backed MPs in Westminster. First of all, Ed Miliband beat his brother David for the Labour leadership with the help of the union vote, and with their further help, he will no doubt become the next Prime Minister. Miliband will do nothing to curb union powers until after he is elected to power, and even then it is doubtful he will take them on!