English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the ...

English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, at his press conference during the 37th G8 summit in Deauville, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

British Prime Minister David Cameron…plus several hundred business people have buggered off to China…specifically Bejjing, for trade talks. Apparently it represents the biggest UK trade delegation to anywhere for several years. Bowing  & scraping etiquette immediately followed  the take-off! Interestingly, Cameron & Co flew Virgin Atlantic, and not British Airways, but why? Possibly because BA is now part of IAG (International Consolidated Airline Group), a partnership with Spanish carrier Iberia, and registered in Madrid!

The delegation has only just landed, and David Cameron announced that the HS2 (High Speed 2), the proposed £50 bullion rail network will be either part or fully funded by the Chinese, and more importantly, it will be operated by them too! In hindsight, it might have been a better idea just to post the keys to the country over to China! I hear on the grapevine the China Construction Bank will soon be allowed to open branches throughout the UK, no doubt in order to keep a beady eye on the money we owe them! Wouldn’t it be funny, instead of eventually dumping the Pound for the Euro, we dumped Sterling for the Renminbi? Thereafter all the street signs will be displayed in Chinese, followed by us all goose-stepping down Oxford Street in the West End of London in order to do our Christmas shopping…all goods by the way ‘made in China’.

And what has David Cameron & Company agreed to export to China, technologies, pharmaceuticals? No, £45 million worth of semen and trotters from British pigs. Now that really is getting down and dirty! Despite China being home to half of the world’s pigs, its Communist leaders are apparently keen to improve the quality of its herds. Really, are pigs all Britain has left to offer the world?

Forty years ago ‘Made in Britain’ was exported around the world. Oh how clever the Chinese have been! Armed with a 200 million slave labour force, they managed to conquer the world without firing a single shot! Clearly, slavery still works! Never mind human rights violations, animal abuses too, the refusal to recognise internationally registered patents, state-sponsored hacking, support for North Korea, Iran too, and threats to Taiwan…politicians around the world are really, really keen to suck Chinese cocks! This is what always happens when a Democracy trades with a Totalitarian regime! Strange bedfellows indeed! When you’re poor, some people turn to prostitution, and in doing so, you may be forced to sleep with the devil!

Postscript! Located in Nanjing, eastern China, authorities have built a ‘baby abandonment’ building where parents can anonymously leave their unwanted children. The building…or baby box…will provide a safe place for parents to leave their children – who will then be cared for at a nearby welfare home. The building will be electronically monitored so that when a baby is left an alarm will go off. Oh how charming!!


Camden Lock Market Hall

Camden Lock Market Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world-famous and ‘iconic’ Camden Market in north London is under threat from the proposed £50 billion 351-mile long HS2 (High Speed 2) rail development just so that commuters can save at most 20-30 minutes travelling time to places like Birmingham…always assuming the new trains travel at their maximum speed, which very often they will not!

A 200 metre stretch of the north London line is set to be widened for the train to pass through the area into its terminus at Euston, and for this to happen the Camden Lock bridge would be demolished. Unfortunately the entire Hawley Market will fall within the construction area, as will almost all Camden Lock market stalls and Stables market. Tourists and the young alike, when not found in Covent Garden, will often relocate to Camden! Rail construction work in Camden is expected to last for a decade, and the disruption could mean losses of more than £600m for local traders, bars, shops and stall-holders, and could cost up to 9,000 jobs, as tourists abandon the market during the disruption. What business can survive ten years of disruption? It is inevitable many will go out of business! Although HS2 is expected to create thousands of new jobs, self-employed Camden stall holders who cannot afford fixed premises may find themselves signing on at their local job centres! Camden, one of the UK’s most vibrant and creative communities will cease to exist in its present form. Many local residents will also suffer great inconvenience, and possibly a downward spiralling in residential property values.

You might ask yourselves this! Since computers have taken over the world and every desk, why is there a sudden need for a new high-speed rail system in a small country overrun with rail systems? After all, should a businessman need to book ‘face time’ with a colleague working in a provincial branch office, logic suggests he would SKYPE you for free, wouldn’t it? You no longer need to physically connect with someone in order to communicate with them. Even if my arguments are flawed…which I don’t believe for one minute they are…if the economic life of the country relies upon spending £40 billion to save a mere 30 minutes on a train journey, we are in far worse shape than I realised!

The truth is, powerful lobbyists working for multi-national construction/engineering firms we’ve all heard of spent years bending the ears of higher civil servants and politicians, pushing for the quite unnecessary HR2. Quoting pop singer Jessie J, ‘It’s all about the money, money, money’ isn’t it! In conclusion I would say this…not all change is progress!