Faith, Fraud & Minimum Wage

Faith, Fraud & Minimum Wage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sick of hearing from British politicians and captains of industry who claim British people aren’t capable of working hard, which is the reason they claim so many eastern Europeans are filling posts here. Why should British people have to work for minimum wage which isn’t even a living wage! You try paying your bills and raising your family on £6:31 an hour for those over 21, and £5:03 for 18-21 year olds! But what of foreign labour…how do they manage it? The answer is, they probably don’t! For example, I wonder how many eastern Europeans pay Council Tax?

Taking into account the real cost of living in London, the minimum wage should be £9:00 an hour, and to avoid paying this, companies use cheap foreign labour! Do you honestly think coffee shop chains…Nero, Starbucks and Costa Coffee would have expanded so if they had to pay employees a living wage?

Why do you think the British Inland Revenue Service has been so lax in collecting Company tax from multi-nationals, allowing them to freely use legal loopholes to avoid paying the Exchequer tens of billions of pounds? It is Government policy to make the UK financially attractive enough to tempt foreign companies to not only move their European headquarters here, but once here, to expand! The only people who pay their taxes, are you and me!