This year’s MISS WORLD took place in BALI, Indonesia, a popular destination for Western tourists and considered a bit…louche! In an effort not to offend hardline Muslims BIKINIS have been banned from this year’s beauty pageant. Apparently this isn’t going far enough. Some people are demanding a FULL cover-up, this to include an abaya (full body gown), a hijab (head covering) and a burqa (face covering). If these changes are implemented then this will be the first time ever a Miss World competition will be decided by eye-colouring only. I think this would be dreadfully unfair for any competitor with an astigmatism, or for that matter any one who is cross-eyed! Get your kit off girls, oh and don’t forget the BIKINI WAX, for God forbid you offend the hardline Muslims who lobbied unsuccessfully to have a ‘timed’ AK47 strip down contest included in this year’s competition!


The Queens' Building at Queen Mary, University...

The Queens’ Building at Queen Mary, University of London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has hit out at universities who segregate men and women during lectures with from Muslim and other ultra-orthodox scholars…Jews in fact! Nine thousand people have already signed a petition condemning sexual apartheid. Even Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna has chucked his hat into the ring, condemning the practice. Research by Student Rights, a group which aims to prevent extremism at universities, said that over the year to March 2013, 46 events at 21 separate institutions were found to have either explicitly promoted segregation by gender or implied that this would be the case.

Women attending an seminar at Queen Mary University were also forced to walk through a ‘sisters only’ entrance before taking their seats at the event which was held by the university’s Islamic society. The event forced female attendees to write down their questions for Ustadh Abu Abdillah, while male students raised their hands to be addressed by the speaker. Female students at the University of Leicester were forced to sit rows behind  male peers at a similar seminar.

But why are men and women seated separately? What is this religious doctrine all about?  Well my friends…and feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong… ultra-orthodox Muslims and Jews consider women dirty creatures because they regularly menstruate. These backward, primitive men seem to forget, they too emerged from a womb covered in placenta blood! This kind of thinking has no place in the twenty-first century! If certain orthodox thinking wasn’t so cretinous it would be laughable! Blood after all is the stuff of life! Let’s not forget, in some societies, Hinduism for example, women are elevated to the status of Gods!



Boris-johnson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an effort to attract billions of pounds of Arab investment for the capital, whilst addressing the Ninth World Islamic Economic Forum Boris Johnson boasted of being the first Mayor of London of ‘Muslim extraction’. Apparently, his great-great-grandfather Ahmed Hamdi, was a Muslim entrepreneur who made his money in beeswax in Istanbul, where beeswax candles were required to light the mosques. The bottom fell out of beeswax when American Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb, whereupon Mr Hamdi went on to become politician and journalist right up to the point he was assassinated.

Well, what a revelation! Mr Johnson is certainly the first blue-eyed, blond Muslim I’ve ever seen. Presumably the man is circumcised? If not, he had better hurry up and get it done before the Arab billions migrates to France, where no doubt Mr Johnson will claim heritage there too!


English: Kaaba at the heart of Mecca. As the n...

English: Kaaba at the heart of Mecca. As the night goes on pilgrims visiting the Holy House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turkish entrepreneur Haluk Murat Demirel, 38, claims to have opened the first online sex shop for Muslims, selling everything from lubricants to herbal aphrodisiacs and offering advice on how to have “halal” sex. Apparently  www.bayan.helalsexshop.com, does not sell battery-operated devices, for they are not approved by Islam. Since the site’s launch last Tuesday it has received over 33,000 visitors. My question is this! What is Halal sex? How does it differ from Christian or Jewish sex? Presumably, neither party must face Mecca!


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SCOTLAND’S largest immunisation programme has been delayed after Muslim parents raised concerns that the vaccination contained pork gelatine. Around 100,000 primary schools children from across Scotland are being offered the nasal spray Fluenz.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said the roll-out had been postponed for a few days after parents at Glendale Primary in  Pollokshields on the south side of Glasgow became aware of the issue. Parents will now be able to request that their child receives the vaccination by the ‘old fashioned’ injection method rather than through the nasal spray. A spokesperson for the makers of Fluenz said; “Muslims and Jews need not fret. The miniscule amount of pork gelatine in our product will not affect taste buds. No one will suddenly get a taste for pork chops & apple sauce!”


David Cameron

David Cameron (Photo credit: The Prime Minister’s Office)

UK Prime Minister David Cameron backs the removal of the niqab/face veil in schools, courts and hospitals. He says, “We are a free country and people should be free to wear whatever clothes they like in public or in private, but there are circumstances where wearing face coverings are inappropriate. We should support those institutions that need to put in place rules so that those institutions can work properly.” My question is this! Does the proposed ban on the veil in schools, courts and hospitals include or exclude the wearing of Venetian blinds?


A Shomrim patrol emblem/shoulder patch circa 1...

A Shomrim patrol emblem/shoulder patch circa 1990’s-present. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The SHOMRIM, (‘guards’ in Hebrew) is a police-trained civilian Jewish community-based citizen patrol group in London. Orthodox Jews who wear badges and uniforms says it wants to help its Muslim neighbours protect their mosques from further arson attacks. The group was started by Jewish New Yorkers angry at lengthy police response times after crimes were reported. The London group was originally established in order to combat anti-Semitic attacks, particularly in the Hampstead Garden Suburb area. I don’t know who initially contacted who, but I doubt it will work out long-term. It is much more likely that members of the Muslim community will take advice, and perhaps after some initial training, form their own protection patrol group.


English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two men in New York built a portable x-ray gun to kill Barack Obama and Muslims claims the FBI. Apparently the device would shoot lethal doses of radiation at their targets.

Many years ago I read an unsubstantiated story concerning two consecutive American ambassadors to Russia, (1970s/80s). Each contracted the same type of rare cancer associated with radiation poisoning. It was suggested that Russian agents positioned a powerful x-ray machine in a room in an office building opposite the American ambassadors office. It too supposedly shot out lethal doses of radiation at its targets. I don’t know how much truth there is in this. The story could merely be the invention of someone’s fertile imagination, or disinformation. Indeed I cannot find anything relating to the story on the Internet, so take it with a pinch of salt or not!


Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden.

Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Western forces used to set up vast tented refugee centres in Third World countries in which fleeing victims of civil wars could live. Now the policy is to invites many of them to live in our countries. Many of them are no longer fleeing for their lives, but from economic hardship. I get it, I really do, but meanwhile Sweden is reeling after a fifth night of rioting in largely run-down immigrant areas of the capital Stockholm. Italy has had its riots, as has France and England. Immigrants cannot expect us to give up to them our jobs and our homes. Furthermore, in times of economic hardship everywhere, if there is no real prospect of immigrants making comfortable lives for themselves over here, then it must be wrong to invite them to stay. If you were to lock a child in a chocolate shop only to tell said child  DON’T TOUCH, would not the child throw a tantrum? Western immigration policies do not work! Multiculturalism only works up to a point. If is all a question of ALLEGIANCE, then Christendom must feel like a strange place indeed for someone following an alternative religion.

Thirty-five-year-old far right murderer, Norwegian Anders Brievek who killed 77 people at a Labour Party youth camp on UTOEYA Island in July 2011, accused the governing Labour Party of promoting multiculturalism and endangering Norway’s identity. Sadly, Brievek will be sitting in his prison cell wearing a self-satisfying smile on his face having read about what’s currently occurring in Sweden. ‘Vindication’ he must be thinking! I suspect the prisoner is being inundated by requests for interviews.


A mugshot of shoebomber Richard Reid

A mugshot of shoebomber Richard Reid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no one more devout and no one who holds more extreme views than a religious convert, particularly a Christian to Muslim convert: Forty-nine-year-old American Colleen Renee LaRose, known as Jihad Jane. Still at large and reeking havoc, thirty-year-old Samantha Lewthwaite, daughter of a British Army soldier and widow of the 7th of July bomber, Jermaine Lindsay. Englishman Richard Reid, forty, known as the ‘shoe bomber.’ If you recall, he tried to detonate explosives packed in his shoes on an American Airlines flight in 2002 from Paris to Miami. When Jews or Muslims convert to Christianity they become either priests or theologians, not terrorists.

Now we have the callous and cowardly murder of a British serving soldier, 25 year old Lee Rigby, run down in Woolwich, southeast London and then hacked to death with a machete. Of the men involved, one has been identified as twenty-eight-year-old Michael Adeboloja, a Londoner of Nigerian descent, and another Christian to Muslim convert. These kinds of people hold such extreme views that they will always be a real threat to society. They MUST be put to death for all our sakes! Never mind a free vote in the House of Commons, the British people are ENTITLED  to a referendum on whether to bring back CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, after all, it is our lives at stake! Will we be offered a referendum…not now, not ever!


English: Danny Shine - Regular at Speaker's Corner

English: Danny Shine – Regular at Speaker’s Corner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

image dark forces II jedi knight

image dark forces II jedi knight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One often hears about Western Mosques being used to radicalise young Muslim men and women leading individuals to plan and execute acts of terror. Now I don’t care whether you claim to be Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu or even a Jedi Knight. If it is proved CONCLUSIVELY that your Temple has been used to radicalise a Faith follower, then said Temple must be PUBLICALLY BULLDOZED. Let the message go out that a Temple must only be used as a place of true worship and contemplation. You wish to radicalise the young, then have the guts to try it on Sunday morning at Speaker’s Corner. Enough said!