A model of the GCHQ headquarters in Cheltenham

A model of the GCHQ headquarters in Cheltenham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As one who has more than a passing interest in the ‘human condition’, I would be interested to know how paedophiles operated prior to the Internet coming into existence? For example, were many of them inactive? Did they wait until they had access to the information superhighway to explore and indulge their innermost, sickest feelings, or did paedophiles merely meet in secret? As we speak, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has tasked GCHQ (secret government listening post) to join the international fight and to seek out anyone, anywhere downloading images of children, images that might not be for personal use, but for image sharing.

Although child molestation in all its forms…including Internet grooming…is illegal in the ‘sophisticated’ Christian West, and quite rightly so, what we find disgusting…the inhumane treatment of minors…other societies consider normal adult behaviour…in parts of Asia, The Middle East and Africa for instance…often our trading partners, places where adult males still swap children for personal use, and in some cases marry minors before they ‘ve reached puberty. Unfortunately not everything is black and white, although in some cases it should be!


Coat of arms of Moldavian SSR (1990-1991), tod...

Coat of arms of Moldavian SSR (1990-1991), today the coat of arms of Moldova (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moldova’s Constitutional Court has annulled a controversial law that punishes rapists and paedophiles by chemically castrating them. The court ruled that the law violated constitutional rules against torture and ‘cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment.’ In other words, Moldova is removing one of the obstacles to the country joining the European Union and grabbing millions in subsidies!