The SIS building, seen from Millbank

The SIS building, seen from Millbank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people…that is to say those of us who are not incarcerated in mental asylums…believe Britain is over populated and under policed! Why Manchester is sometimes referred to as ‘Britain’s city of languages’, for there are up to 200 different tongues spoken there. When a small island is overrun by millions more people over a short period (15 years), as I have said before, multiculturalism cannot succeed. Honestly, I must be sick in the head to come up with the following conclusion, but here it is nonetheless!  I believe the UK Government wants blood on the streets. For some reason, it suits their purpose! The powers that be actually look forward to anarchy. Perhaps it will afford them the opportunity to turn Britain into a police state? Fifteen years ago you could speak your mind in public, now you cannot! Fifteen years ago there were hardly any surveillance cameras on street corners, now there is at least one on almost every street corner. I believe the Secret Intelligence Service does a fantastic job in tracking down terrorists, however with so many millions of people pouring in here… is only a matter of time before we in Britain suffer another catastrophic terrorist outrage, and the SIS know it. It is inevitable! When it occurs, well, it will be the Government’s ‘perfect storm’…a grand opportunity to deny us even more of our freedoms, but in our own best interests of course!