辟谷奇事 斯里兰卡男子五年不食五谷(图)

辟谷奇事 斯里兰卡男子五年不食五谷(图) (Photo credit: 禁书网中国禁闻)

Kirby de Lanerolle, a ‘Breatharian’ claims that he hasn’t eaten anything in the past five years, having replaced food with inhaled light, wind and the vibrations of God. Apparently a Breatharian is a person who gives up food and water to live on energy in the air.

The Sri Lankan man appeared on Taboo USA to talk about his Breatharianism, saying that he is in excellent health. “Calories come from photons and light and vibrations and wind.”” De Lanerolle believes that not eating and following the Breatharian way could make him immortal. Err, dead yes, immortal, no!

The modern Breatharian movement started in the 1970s – there are two types of breatharianism, according to the video on National Geographic. One is pranic, which gives energy from the “light force around us” and the other is light energy, or spiritual vibrations.

I have only one thing to say…LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!

Updated: 01/03/14.


human barbie

Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova, 23, who lives her life as a ‘human Barbie’ has revealed she doesn’t consume food or water anymore. Converting to ‘Breatharianism’ , she is training herself to live off only light and air.  Miss Lukyanova also claims to be able to speak with aliens through light, and when she’s not doing that she is time travelling or having out-of-body experiences while chatting to the voices in her head. I have a funny feeling existing on a diet of ‘cosmic micro-food’ ain’t going to work! Let’s hope that death is only the beginning of the journey?


Cameron speaking in 2010.

Cameron speaking in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Families of hundreds of Tamil men and boys seized by the regime descended on the British Prime Minister as he became the first world leader to visit the war-ravaged north of the country since Sri Lanka won independence in 1948. Having travelled to Kannaki refugee camp to meet those whose loved ones are believed to have been killed by the regime at the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war, understandably emotional Camp spokesman Sutharshan Uthayaswriyan, said, ‘We believe in David Cameron’, adding: ‘He is a god coming down to this area. ‘We believe he can make a difference. He is a god and he is sent by God to us.’

Meanwhile, not that long ago…last month in fact, a cache of weapons including a 950,000 volt stun gun was discovered in the car of a taxi driver who said he was on his way to kill Prime Minister David Cameron. Police also found  hammers, kitchen knives, a machete, a Samurai sword and masking tape in Irfaq Naz’s Vauxhall Astra, when he was stopped after going the wrong way down a north London street. Mr Naz was detained under the Mental Health Act and can only be released with the permission of the Home Secretary. Personally, I think the 950,000 volt stun gun was a bit of an overkill, don’t you? Then again, as a living god, David Cameron would probably have laughed it off! I’m patiently waiting for David Cameron to turn water into wine, or the lesser feat, turning around the fortunes of the permanently cash-strapped and under-staffed National Health Service, for next week I must visit a friend at the University College Hospital in central London. I’m concerned as I enter the hospital, someone in scrubs and a surgical mask might, upon seeing this fine figure of a man…an Adonis in fact…may drag me into a cupboard and attempt to remove some of my vital organs! Do you think I’m worrying unnecessarily? Go on, you can tell me!


English: HMC Searcher, a cutter operated by th...

English: HMC Searcher, a cutter operated by the UK Border Agency – on the River Fowey, 1 May 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The German fashion firm Hugo Boss recently apologised for its maltreatment of forced workers during World War II when it supplied the NAZIS with uniforms.

According to the BBC, almost 100 suspected war criminals have applied for asylum in Britain in 2012. Most of the suspects, from countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Rwanda, Serbia and Sri Lanka, have probably been living here for years. The Home Office said it was determined the UK would not become a refuge for war criminals after identifying the suspects last year, but in fact it IS a haven! Once here, it is a devil of a job to get rid of them, thanks ONCE AGAIN to the EUROPEAN HUMAN RIGHTS ACT! If you commit INHUMAN acts, you shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind The Human Rights Act!

In the 15 months from January 2012, the Home Office researched nearly 800 cases where individuals were SUSPECTED of war crimes and crimes against humanity. I wonder if they were all dressed by HUGO BOSS?

The Home Office made “adverse recommendations” against 99 people who had applied for British citizenship, asylum or leave to remain in the UK, the BBC reported. A further 16 war crimes suspects had applied to ENTER the UK. “Come on in…you’ll get a fruit basket and a roof over your head, oh…and soap to wash the blood off of your hands, you unspeakable BASTARDS. Don’t worry, the British taxpayers will pay for EVERYTHING! Hell, they’ll even carry your luggage!

It follows earlier figures suggesting more than 700 suspected war criminals were identified by UK immigration officials between 2005 and 2012. No doubt all are living comfortably in SUBURBIA either on ILL-GOTTEN gains, or on the STATE. The UK Border Agency has so far cost £2BILLION to set up and run. You would think for £2billion you would get some TEETH! The fact is, we’re an ISLAND, and anyone can get on it! Even a DEMON from the Hadean Empire could get through customs!

Of the above 99 suspects, THREE were deported last year, 20 were refused asylum and 46 had their citizenship bids turned down but are likely to have remained in the UK. They could be living next door to YOU!

Five Rwandan men were arrested in Britain in May on suspicion of involvement in the 1994 genocide that led to the deaths of an estimated 800,000 people. Three remain in custody and two were released on bail.

Kevin Laue, of Redress, a charity campaigning to prevent genocide, said: “The police need more resources to investigate these crimes because it’s difficult to investigate them.” It has nothing to do with police resources, but a lot to do with POLITICAL WILL.