Airship (Photo credit: Superb@)

In an effort to save money, Danny Alexander, Treasury chief secretary has identified ‘alternatives’ for a full like-for-like replacement of the Trident nuclear deterrent. May I humbly suggest INFLATABLE nuclear submarines? Oh hang on, might not the nuclear fuel rods melt through the boat’s hull? What about dirigibles (airships), surface to air arrows and cavalry horses? When will the defence cuts cease…when we’re invaded perhaps?


English: Lloyds bank Lloyds bank Mildenhall Su...

English: Lloyds bank Lloyds bank Mildenhall Suffolk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Millions of ordinary investors…presumably that’s you and me…could be offered a pre-election sweetener next year in the form of cheap shares in Lloyds bank. On Monday last fund managers and insurers snapped up 6% of the state-backed lender, raising £3.2billion for the Treasury. My question is this! The taxpayers have already coughed up £20.5BILLION to bail out the trouble hit bank, so why would taxpayers again wish to buy shares, albeit at a ‘knock-down’ rate? Am I missing something? Do you honestly think your shares will ever be worth much more than you might pay for them?


English: United Kingdom's Deputy Prime Minster...

English: United Kingdom’s Deputy Prime Minster and Lord President of the Council Nick Clegg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please listen to the following WITHOUT LAUGHING!

Under UK Liberal Democrat plans to force everyone to go green, petrol and diesel cars would be BANNED ENTIRELY from Britain’s roads by 2040. Nick Clegg’s party has unveiled proposals to only allow ultra-low carbon vehicles, such as electric cars and hybrids, by that  year. However, although ordinary petrol and diesel cars would be banned, such vehicles would still be allowed for freight  purposes.

Furthermore, the Lib Dems would also like to see local councils given the power to impose road tolls to ease congestion in city centres.

The plans, which have the support of the  party leadership, will be voted on by delegates at next month’s Lib Dem  conference in Glasgow. If members vote yes, the policy will have to  be included in the Lib Dem manifesto for the next election. In the years until the ban comes into force, the Lib Dems want to charge HIGHER TAXES on petrol and  diesel cars to persuade motorists to move towards greener alternative. As part of the party’s plans to create a  ‘zero-carbon’ Britain, the Lib Dems could also EMBRACE nuclear power and shale gas exploration.


  1. The Liberal Democrats don’t have ‘real’ power now, and are unlikely to have it. This is their first ‘taste’ of power in 90 years, and only got it due to the 2007 world financial debacle.
  2. Governments don’t make policy. Corporations make policy. Do you honestly think Shell or ExxonMobile would ALLOW any British government to cut their throats by banning petrol/diesel vehicles?
  3. Without the daily petrol/diesel tax propping up the Treasury, the government would fall.
  4. If one million people had electric cars, the cost of recharging either at home or outside would probably be economical, but when five million people have electric vehicles, the cost of recharging over say a year, would be higher than if you ran a vehicle on petrol. You don’t believe me? Well let me remind you what the oil companies did when ‘clean’ diesel came out. For the first year or so it was lower in price than petrol, but when a sufficient number of diesel vehicles were sold, the price went up above petrol, and stayed there.
  5. Lib Dems call nuclear power and fracking, GOING GREEN. Are they F**K MAD? Do you really want 30, 40, 50 nuclear power stations dotted around the country, any one of which could be targeted by terrorists, eco or Islamic Jihadists? As far as fracking is concerned, I’ve already voiced my opinion on that subject, but I will reiterate! Fracking causes earthquakes. In 40 years time, there will be areas of Britain where you will not be able to get a mortgage on a house because it will fail the survey. Likewise, due to subsidence and seismic activity, you will not be able to sell an existing property.
  6. Certainly, at some point in the future, we will ALL be driving electric cars, but not in 27 years. More likely, 100 years!

I don’t support any particular political party, but if you ever voted the Liberal Democrats into office, well, expect REVOLUTION. That is, BLOOD ON THE STREETS! Go on you Lib Dems, I dare you…take away an individual’s ability to put food on the table! It’ll be the food off YOUR table that we take!