Misadvised Conservative, British Prime Minister Theresa May should never have called a general erection for the following reasons!

  1. She gambled that the 17 million bullish Brits who voted for Brexit in the referendum would vote Conservative. Many did not. Frightened by negative Press, millions changed their minds about leaving the European Union, and voted Labour or Liberal Democrat in the general election. Even the very rich living in Kensington & Chelsea and Richmond Park voted Labour, in order to protect their wealth, much of which is derived from their European interests.
  2. When Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn announced his plan to abolish University tuition fees, hundreds of thousands of students, together with their parents, voted Labour in the general election. If Mrs May had known about this in advance of calling a general election, then she was an idiot to have called one.
  3. Theresa May didn’t help her cause when she announced…during her election campaign…she intended making pensioners winter fuel allowance ‘means’ tested. This must have alienated hundreds of thousands people.
  4. Since the Conservatives had nothing new to offer in their manifesto, what was the point of calling a snap election?
  5. Theresa May is no public speaker, nor does she have the common touch. She should have made it crystal clear on television that, once the nation exits the EU, no foreigners would be kicked out of the country, for who would then turn down beds in hotels or serve you coffee in cafes?
  6. Theresa May’s strapline…’strong and stable’ Government meant less then nothing, when, during her campaigning the UK suffered not 1, not 2, but 3 incidents of terrorism! Westminster Bridge, Manchester Arena, and London Bridge/Borough market areas. Many, many people must have voted for alternate political parties. Although the Government was in no way to blame for the atrocious attacks, when the shit hit the fan, Theresa May & Company got coated in shit nonetheless.
  7. It is never, never greener on the other side of the hill, unless one is a landscape gardener! Mrs May should have been grateful for the Commons majority she already had!
  8. But hey, this is all water under the bridge, for our ‘future’ history has already been written. Whenever Theresa May resigns, Boris Johnson will take over. Good for a laugh, but not for running the country. So, whenever the next general election is held (5-years), Labour will win with a huge majority, ( perhaps even bigger than Tony Blair’s) but not necessarily with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm. He is after all, already 72. Will the last person to leave the country please turn the lights off!