For many years, I understood ‘Super-G’ stood for Super giant slalom (skiing). It now appears to stand for Super Gonorrhoea, the anti-biotic resistant, sexually transmitted infection doing the rounds of places like Ibiza and Ayia Napa, where hard drives are thrust into software. You know, one can wear a condom and still be called a hedonist, don’t you? Incidentally, the largest single order of prophylactics (Durex) was placed by the British Army. Squaddies slid prophylactics over rifle barrels to prevent their weapons getting wet.


Well, if not all of them, then most of them! If a writer is lucky enough to secure representation, one of the conditions the agent imposes is, the writer must commit to marketing his or her novel on social media, and with gusto! The theory is, only when ones book has achieved a great deal of notice has the agent a chance of securing a publishing deal. So what does the literary agent actually do to earn his/her 12% commission? I am not a marketeer! I merely write, which these days apparently is not good enough!


Regarding North Korea, in a rebuke to The Donald, Vlad Putin warning  North Asia ‘is on the brink of a large-scale conflict’, suggested dialogue is the only way forward. Oh really? Who do you think supplies North Korea with the essential ‘kit’ to fire rockets? Russian scientists, Russian hardware, Russian guidance systems! Mr Putin would love war to break out just so Russian new technology can be tested in combat conditions. Korean War 2, just around the corner!


Misadvised Conservative, British Prime Minister Theresa May should never have called a general erection for the following reasons!

  1. She gambled that the 17 million bullish Brits who voted for Brexit in the referendum would vote Conservative. Many did not. Frightened by negative Press, millions changed their minds about leaving the European Union, and voted Labour or Liberal Democrat in the general election. Even the very rich living in Kensington & Chelsea and Richmond Park voted Labour, in order to protect their wealth, much of which is derived from their European interests.
  2. When Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn announced his plan to abolish University tuition fees, hundreds of thousands of students, together with their parents, voted Labour in the general election. If Mrs May had known about this in advance of calling a general election, then she was an idiot to have called one.
  3. Theresa May didn’t help her cause when she announced…during her election campaign…she intended making pensioners winter fuel allowance ‘means’ tested. This must have alienated hundreds of thousands people.
  4. Since the Conservatives had nothing new to offer in their manifesto, what was the point of calling a snap election?
  5. Theresa May is no public speaker, nor does she have the common touch. She should have made it crystal clear on television that, once the nation exits the EU, no foreigners would be kicked out of the country, for who would then turn down beds in hotels or serve you coffee in cafes?
  6. Theresa May’s strapline…’strong and stable’ Government meant less then nothing, when, during her campaigning the UK suffered not 1, not 2, but 3 incidents of terrorism! Westminster Bridge, Manchester Arena, and London Bridge/Borough market areas. Many, many people must have voted for alternate political parties. Although the Government was in no way to blame for the atrocious attacks, when the shit hit the fan, Theresa May & Company got coated in shit nonetheless.
  7. It is never, never greener on the other side of the hill, unless one is a landscape gardener! Mrs May should have been grateful for the Commons majority she already had!
  8. But hey, this is all water under the bridge, for our ‘future’ history has already been written. Whenever Theresa May resigns, Boris Johnson will take over. Good for a laugh, but not for running the country. So, whenever the next general election is held (5-years), Labour will win with a huge majority, ( perhaps even bigger than Tony Blair’s) but not necessarily with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm. He is after all, already 72. Will the last person to leave the country please turn the lights off!


EMP…’coming’ at you, and no, no, it’s not a euphemism for my much beloved trouser snake, but the latest high-tech, non-ballistic weapon deployed in the atmosphere above a target enemy city that is designed to fry every electrical circuit, from enemy missile guidance systems, to civilian computers, to pop-tart toasters. All I want to know is, will the John Lewis department store honour the warranty on my ‘6-setting’ trouser press once it goes into meltdown?

Here’s a question for you…as a response to President Assad using Sarin gas on civilians, why didn’t the US Military use an EMP on Syria rather than firing 59 cruise missiles?


Folks, it now appears, according to researchers at the University of York, that smelly, disgusting stuff Marmite might be good for the brain, being that the yeast extract contains 100 times more vitamin B12 than peanut butter, thus increasing the gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) – a chemical messenger associated with healthy brain function. Well, having smelled and tasted Marmite as a youth, mistaking it for chocolate spread, I think I’ll risk dementia! Can you believe my sick ex-girlfriend Frieda actually wanted to rub Marmite over my naked body? F**king vegetarians make me puke!


…’You wait an inordinate amount of time for one to come along, only for three to come along one after the other!’

Having met up with ex-girlfriend Janice over a cup of coffee the other day, I was forced to listen to her gush about her love life. Apparently, new boyfriend John is an ‘amazing’ lover. He gave Janice three orgasms in quick succession! “David,” she said,” how come you didn’t do that for me?”  I replied, “My dear, dear Janice, in times of economic austerity, I didn’t feel it was right to spoil you!”




*Propaganda: Information of a biased or misleading nature used to promote or publicize a particular cause or point of view. Simply put, to con or befuddle the public.

Now look here, why are so many noses out of joint at the revelations of fake news? Fake news/ propaganda has been used for hundreds of years! Instead of dropping leaflets on the gullible public, lies and stretched truths are now disseminated digitally. Honestly, what’s all the fuss about?




…for at least four years, so why not get behind the man, and support him? Whatever ‘perceived’ mistakes the President makes, they’re not going to damage the United States, which is strong enough to survive intact! Almost certainly having learned from his predecessors (Bush), President Trump is most unlikely to invade another country. And in four years time, a more ‘traditional’ candidate will be elected. You never know, Mr Trump may do some good, like returning jobs to American people by forcing US industry to manufacture in the US?



I just had a conversation with my mother that really hurt us both! Recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I explained that I couldn’t look after her and a sick dog. Our beloved Cavalier ‘Bunnee’ just had her first minor fit. Anti-epilepsy drugs and consult fees would cost £2,000 a year, money I simply don’t have. Furthermore, the side-effects of the medication can be awful. Bunnee would be a completely different dog when medicated. Rather than cope badly, I said I would rather place my mother in a home and have Bunnee put to sleep! Life isn’t like a movie script. You can’t keep re-writing dialogue until you get the lines right! When we took Bunnee at three and a half (now 8), we agreed if we gave her say three good years, rather than leave her caged up at the breeder’s, well, it would be a blessing. At the moment I’m going to do nothing. Bunnee is fine, but my relationship with my mother has temporarily soured!



According to the European Commission, Britain is number 1 for cocaine use and gonorrhoea among EU member states. When you take into account we Brits are still top of the heap for Friday night public drunkenness and kerbside vomiting, no wonder it takes British industry a third longer than France or Germany to manufacture anything of value for export. British values, adopt them today!



…while I was cutting my toenails!

“David, I’d like you to become Britain’s next ambassador to the United Nations and to the European Union.”

“But Mr Trump…Presidente erect…what about Theresa May, won’t she have something to say about it?”

“Listen David, once I’ve bedded the wench, she’ll do what she’s told. Anyway, everyone knows it’s America that decides British foreign policy!”

Naturally I accepted both posts and finished cutting my toenails.


English: Technicians prepare a body for cryopr...

English: Technicians prepare a body for cryopreservation. Español: Técnicos preparando un cuerpo para preservación criogénica. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human cryopreservation has been in the news recently, but the process is not new. Individuals have been frozen in time for decades, hoping that one day medical science will find a cure for their incurable diseases, and thus they will be thawed, repaired and sent on their merry way! Tempted by immortality, even rich, healthy people have opted for cryofreezing upon death as opposed to a burial or cremation. I personally don’t fancy my blood replaced with a chemical solution that would kill me if I took it in my food. However, the main reason I wouldn’t entertain being frozen, is that the planet Earth is in a poor state of repair, is vastly over-populated and is in turmoil. The place isn’t going to get any better, so why would I want to thawed out in say 200 years, if indeed it was possible? The likelihood is I’d get mugged the moment I’d exit the cryogenic centre! If there are any men out there who are considering cryopreservation, do make sure your cock is in a flaccid state, otherwise, at 200Kelvin you might find it snaps off!

When considering cryopreservation it helps of course if you don’t believe in the soul. Spokespersons of established religions will be opposed to the process, for when one dies, the soul (life force) is believed to leave one’s body, never to return. It follows, if a cryopreserved body is ever successfully thawed, it will be returned to the land of the living…soulless!

If of course you are interested in cryopreservation but lack the funds, you could always go the DIY route and buy a chest freezer with surge protection. Since likely as not you will end up being frozen in time by a third-party…your blood replaced with automotive anti-freeze, it would be best to be cryofrozen by someone who actually likes you!




Folks, I’ve just had an amazing Christmas email I simply had to tell you about! “Black Friday bargain! A further 20% discount when you sell your soul to the devil! Act now or you’ll kick yourself!” Huh? After further investigation I discovered, if I sign on the dotted line and indeed sell my soul to Satan (to be collected upon my natural death), the remainder of my life here, now, will be turned around. On offer is 20% more good health, 20% extra happiness, and much more importantly,  than the standard ‘sell your soul to the devil’ contract, extreme good fortune! Enticing, most definitely, unfortunately I don’t fancy spending eternity baking or freezing (depending upon one’s interpretation of the scriptures. A hot water bottle or a cold pack ain’t gonna sustain me. As usual when perusing a contract, the devil is in the detail!



Hello folks, I bet you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from me for while? Well, I’ve had trapped wind! Recently I ‘ve had a spate of unwanted emails regarding health insurance, life insurance and funeral packages! Generally speaking I’m an upbeat kind of fella, however it’s hard to remain positive when one is constantly reminded of one’s mortality! Although my end is probably a long way off, I had intended opting for cremation, however, having had sight of some really lovely looking coffins, I’m going for the expensive option, burial! The thing is, I must make sure I don’t pay for a brand new knotty pine casket only to end up in a mortician’s  ‘pre-used’ coffin! I’m quite happy to be behind the wheel of a second-hand car, but I definitely draw the line at interment in a second-hand casket! By the way, why is there a ‘G’ in phlegm if one doesn’t use it? All those silent letters out there make my arse itch!